Embrace Halloween: 5 Ways to Turn Homes in Palm Coast, Florida Spooky

Thu, Oct 28, 2021 at 2:18PM

Embrace Halloween: 5 Ways to Turn Homes in Palm Coast, Florida Spooky

It’s that time of year to embrace all things creepy and fill new homes in Palm Coast with thrills and chills! Halloween is the last holiday standing between us and the friendly get-togethers of Thanksgiving, so you may find yourself wondering the best way to embrace the season and make your home the most frightening haunt on the block. To get your home truly ready for another year of trick-or-treaters, just read on to discover our tips.

Cover Your Walls

There’s no better way to paint a spooky picture than with wall coverings. In order to accomplish a haunting backdrop, cover as much of your walls as you can with plastic or paper scenes. Some simple wall coverings can completely alter the atmosphere, especially under low light. Consider wall coverings that look like run down paneling or torn-apart walls.

DIY Spider Webs

What’s Halloween without some creepy crawly spider webs? It’s easy to use household items to make your own DIY web decorations, but making them look realistic is the key to success. Stretch loose fabric or cheesecloth over common points of traffic in your home, including your front door and other doorways. Avoid clumps of “web” by pulling the threads apart.

Create Ambience with Candles

Candles are an easy and simple way to add Halloween ambience to your haunted home. Nothing can compete with the authentic flicker of a real flame, but electric candles are an affordable alternative – especially if you’re buying in bulk. Is it possible to go overboard with candles for Halloween? We say not at all! Put them anywhere – you can even hang them from the ceiling.

Set the Scene with Lighting

Apart from candles, you can benefit from utilizing other lighting options to make your home feel even more haunted. Consider highlighting specific decorations with uplights. Uplights are a great way to illuminate a spooky Halloween fixture, such as spider webs, bottles, or glass decorations. Furthermore, you can even replace your normal light bulbs with special Halloween ones.

Make Things Glow in the Dark

Black lights are a great way to increase that spooky atmosphere in a haunted house. Consider adding black lights outside of your entry for trick-or-treaters to enjoy, as well as common areas inside of your home. Anyone wearing white clothing will gain an eerie glow in the aura of the black light. You can also use glow-in-the-dark paint to create your own haunted designs that will only show up in the black light.

Halloween is right around the corner but it’s not too late to decorate new homes in Palm Coast, Florida! By following these tips, and adding a dash of your own creativity, you can easily make your home seem haunted for all the passersby and trick-or-treaters that you’ll get on October 31st. We can’t wait to see what you do with your Palm Coast homes this haunted season!

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