Creative Ways to Embrace Blue in Palm Coast New Homes

Thu, Sep 17, 2020 at 4:14PM

Creative Ways to Embrace Blue in Palm Coast New Homes

There are plenty of brands that announce a color of the year – often with a thoughtful message to carry forward and a sense of inspiration for new design and décor. For 2020, plenty of brands across the board have opted for different shades of blue to represent the year. From Pantone’s choice of Classic Blue, to PPG Paints’s pick of Chinese Porcelain, to Sherwin Williams’s selection of Naval, there’s an abundance of inspirational blue hues.


This trending color is certainly playing into home decorating for this year, as well! If you’re planning or in the process of crafting a new home with the premier Palm Coast home builders, Vanacore Homes, you might consider this a suggestion to consider including some blue in your home design. There’s a variety of ways to let this cool tone inspire your décor – so we’re including a few potential style ideas to get the gears turning. Read on to learn more.


Keep it Clean and Modern


The shade of Classic Blue instills a sense of calmness – though, as such a timeless color, it also serves as a confident-feeling foundation for any room. To bring this classic shade into the new decade, why not include it as the basis for a modern and sleek home design aesthetic? An introduction of blue might be the perfect way to bring a sense of professionalism to a home office or a classy, masculine aesthetic to a bedroom. To accomplish this, design with clean lines and smooth textures for a contemporary feel. Avoiding complicated designs and patterns as well as other frills or clutter is key to nailing the simplicity of this décor look – instead, opt to bring in a splash of blue to create interest – perhaps with an accent wall or when picking larger furniture pieces. Complete the look with some interesting floating shelves or other built-in storage.


The Roaring 20s are Back


If you find the simplicity of modern design a bit too sterile, it might be time to do a total 180 and look for inspiration in another place – or time! Why not use the change of the decade as an opportunity to embrace the opulence of the past? Turn the 2020s into the 1920s by taking inspiration from vintage home décor and art deco design aesthetics. The shade Chinese Porcelain is a rich, moody jewel-toned blue that is perfect to create a dramatic backdrop for your living room, dining room, or bedroom. Add to this feel with a geometric statement rug (or design with interesting tile flooring) or even install a luxurious chandelier. Try using mirrors to create the illusion of vast, grand indoor space or selecting furniture pieces with mirrored finishes for a vintage-looking touch. You’ll feel wonderfully glamorous in your new, Gatsby-party-worthy space.


Embrace Nautical Style


When you’re building a new home in Florida, it’s easy to take décor inspiration from embracing life near the water and on the beach. What better way to utilize the Naval blue shade than by adopting some nautical decorating flair? Combine a deep blue with a clean white to bring a calming and classic, yet fresh feel to your space. Nautical patterns like stripes or even prints with seashells, fish, or other sea life can add another fun element of coastal life to your room décor. Introduce some rustic texture with materials like rope, driftwood, wicker, and rattan, and opt for textiles like linen or cotton. In crafting this space, it’ll feel like you’re out on a relaxing boating trip – without having to leave your home.


Get Advice from the Experts You Trust


No matter what color scheme or design aesthetic you want to bring to life inside new homes in Palm Coast, Vanacore Homes is here to help create the perfect space. Our award-winning design team can help you tailor your home to your lifestyle – just the way you want it. Sound good? Contact us today to get started making your peaceful blue-hued haven a reality.

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