Don’t Fear Color! Palm Coast Builders Share 4 Simple Home Design Tips

Mon, Jul 26, 2021 at 12:08PM

Don’t Fear Color! Palm Coast Builders Share 4 Simple Home Design Tips

Are you spending the summertime season feeling inspired to bring some new, vibrant color into your living space? With today’s current refreshed perspective (and desire for some new, less-familiar surroundings at home), you’re certainly not alone. But it’s also not uncommon to fear moving beyond the ease and comfort of classic neutrals in your space. While incorporating color into new homes in Palm Coast Florida might seem a bit tricky at first, it’s easy to master the art of balancing exciting new hues. Read on for four things to keep in mind as you experiment with color!

Consider the Mood You Want to Create

To start your planning, you’ll want to sit down and brainstorm about the room you’re wanting to change up. After all, introducing new hues can have a huge impact on the look and feel of any space. So, consider the mood you’d like to feel in this room. For example, you might aim to create a soothing, calming oasis of a bedroom to relax after long days. Or, maybe you’re seeking to create a cozy, intimate living room space. Alternatively, you could aim to create a bold, energetic kitchen, perfect for family get-togethers and experimenting with new recipes. These thoughts can give you a direction for color – opting for either more cooling, soothing colors or energetic, lively warm hues.

Develop a Scheme with Color Theory Tools

If you’re in need of a handy tool to help you understand your potential choices when it comes to decorating your new home, opt for a color wheel. This simple tool can help you examine the relationships between colors and find new inspiration. For a simple solution, first try looking at complementary color schemes. These are pairs of colors that sit opposite from each other on the color wheel – like blue and orange. These options are a high-contrast choice that can be intense and vibrant – but pair nicely with a neutral backdrop. Split complementary schemes are similar, but instead choose the two colors sitting on either side of a color’s complement. For a little more harmony, try utilizing analogous colors – three colors in a row on the wheel. Or, to get creative, try triadic – using any three colors that are equally spaced apart on the wheel.

Consider the Elements You Already Have

Looking at a wheel not feeling personal enough to figure out your tastes for this new space? Try looking within things you already love! If you have an interesting piece that you’re planning to incorporate into the space – like a rug, piece of art, or textile – look to it for inspiration. A piece of décor with interesting colors or patterns can serve as the perfect jumping off point to develop the color story of a space. Plus, this way, you can be sure your beloved décor piece ties in perfectly with the space – and doesn’t get lost in the noise of other colors. Look for solids and textures that match the hues suggested by this inspirational piece – and you’ll be good to go!

Start Small With Experimentation

Experimenting with new colors doesn’t mean having to immediately commit to a fully-bold-and-vibrant space, repainting walls and swapping out furniture. In fact, working with a clean, neutral space like a crisp white makes the perfect frame or backdrop for pops of color to truly shine. Opt to add in your color scheme through accessories – throw pillows, textiles, plants, lamps, and so much more. An important benefit: these items can be easily swapped out! If you’re still finding your groove with color, you’ll easily be able to readjust your home with minimal extra effort.

It’s time to discover your perfect surroundings – and the best way to start is by working with skilled Palm Coast home builders to create a high-quality Vanacore home. To craft a home that’s the perfect fit for your lifestyle – just the way you want it – turn to our expert knowledge. Contact us to learn more about beginning the process of building new homes in Palm Coast!

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