4 Ways to Show Your Thanks in Ormond Beach

Sun, Nov 04, 2018 at 4:45PM

4 Ways to Show Your Thanks in Ormond Beach

People from across the globe travel to Central Florida every week to partake of the stellar amenities and attractions of the region. They come here on business, for family vacations, and a variety of other reasons. More than ever, folks are choosing to call this area home for all or part of the year.

Whether you live in Ormond Beach or are just exploring, you know that the city has a unique charm, style, and personality. Rooted in history with an eye on future progress, Ormond Beach is a peaceful and tight-knit community full of friendly and outgoing people committed to making a difference. That spirit of gratitude is partly why Ormond Beach is consistently recognized as a truly outstanding place to visit and live.

As the year draws to a close, you might be thinking about all the positive aspects of your life, and the blessings you and your loved ones enjoy. Here are just a few of the ways you can show your appreciation this season: 

1) Thank a Veteran

Each year in November, people nationwide gather to recognize the valor and bravery consistently demonstrated by the men and women of the armed services. Whether retired or active duty, veterans appreciate the public’s recognition for their courageous service to the United States.

There are many Veterans Day events planned throughout Ormond Beach. From church groups, to the Ormond Beach Memorial Art Museum, local veterans clubs, community parades, and more, you can gather the whole family to show your support.

Display how you’re grateful all year long by thanking a veteran when you see them. Ormond Beach is home to many heroes who have helped make this community a special place for everyone who lives and visits. 

2) Gather with Loved Ones 

More than just a family dinner, Thanksgiving is a time to take stock of the precious gifts we enjoy in Central Florida and throughout the country. Along with sharing delicious food and pleasant conversation with friends and loved ones, many people also look forward to novel traditions each year.

For example, consider volunteering at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter. This is also a great way to instill in children a spirit of gratefulness. Perhaps you could deliver a meal to a neighbor unable to cook for themselves. Better yet, invite people over who would otherwise be alone on the holiday.

Or, you might browse through old photo albums to remember those loved ones who are no longer present at the dinner table. When you live in a dynamic and thriving community such as Ormond Beach, the possibilities are virtually endless to make lasting and powerful memories. 

3) Re-Connect with Friends and Family

November is “Family Stories Month.” As you look through photos from the past, you can also help kids understand family history, and how it’s helped make them who they are today. Don’t forget to set aside time for fun and games. Start an impromptu football game in the backyard, stage a scavenger hunt, or maybe even decorate for other end-of-year holidays as a family.

You can also brainstorm ideas for community involvement. For example, Ormond Beach hosts many monthly programs throughout the year. These interesting events offer something of value to every member of the family. In addition, downtown Ormond Beach features a variety of unique shops and restaurants that you won’t find anywhere else.

4) Love Where You Live  

That’s just one of the many reasons people from all over love Ormond Beach. Thankfully, it’s easy and affordable to craft your dream home in this vibrant community. Get started by reaching out to a reliable custom home builder who can help create a residence of which you can be proud.

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