Co-Broke Policy

Co-Broke Policy / Terms and conditions / REVISED POLICY EFFECTIVE 04/22/21*


Vanacore Homes invites any Florida broker and/or realtor with an active real estate license to participate in our program through our model homes and communities. We pay co-broke fee, upfront, in full*. To ensure payment of this fee, please follow the simple guidelines listed below when registering your buyers.


1. Broker and/or Realtor must accompany prospect on their first visit to our Palm Coast Model Center or Volusia County Model Home or Community New Home Sales Center.


2. On that first visit Broker and/or Realtor must provide prospects name, date, time, plus agent’s name,

contact information and brokerage.


3. Broker and/or Realtor is protected by this registration for a period of 60 days from the date of registration.

This period may be extended if additional time is need to write or complete the contract.


4. Registration applies only to the community where the buyer is registered.


5. If this registration results in a sale, it shall entitle the Broker and/or Realtor to the commission as the procuring cause without cooperation of other fees to any other Broker. This registration shall supersede any previous Broker/Realtor registration with the same prospect.


6. In the event a Realtor terminates his/her employment with their Broker, the Realtor will look solely to their Broker for payment. Vanacore Construction, Inc. will pay all commission due to the Broker/Company whose name appears on this registration & subsequent contract.


7. Broker and/or Realtor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Vanacore Construction, Inc., from and against all claims, demands, damages, losses, costs, and expenses of whatever nature of kind, including reasonable attorney’s fees and costs relating to or arising out of any claim against Vanacore Construction, Inc. as a result of representation or other conduct by Broker and/or the Realtor.


8. Commission becomes eligible for payment upon full execution of a non-refundable purchase and sale agreement, removal or satisfaction of any contingencies that would prevent the start of construction, all required deposits per the terms of the contract and paid by the buyer, unconditional financing approval from an accepted lending institution, and receipt by Vanacore Construction, Inc. of a proper builder permit.


9. Any disputes or misunderstandings that arise will be settled at the sole discretion of Vanacore Construction, Inc.


10. *Commission paid upfront, in full, means no waiting and no draw schedules. When your customer closes upfront on a CP Loan or goes to contract with at least 15% non-refundable deposit towards an end loan, you get paid your full commission, based on the contract purchase price as stated on PAGE 1 of the Contract, less any items listed as an allowance on the Job Initiation Order, or Specification Sheet. (*Does not include options purchased after contract with Interior Design Specialist.)


Thank you for helping home owners realize the joy and benefits of owning a new Vanacore Home.