Get a True Ormond Beach Welcome at the MacDonald House

Sun, Oct 07, 2018 at 9:55AM

Get a True Ormond Beach Welcome at the MacDonald House

Ormond Beach is known for it’s welcoming nature and friendly locals. In fact, for decades this area has been a favorite for people across the country and the world. That’s partly why the city’s most notable resident (John D. Rockefeller) built his winter home here. Rockefeller hosted well-known guests such as Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone, and more.

Though Ormond Beach now features modern conveniences and access to world-class attractions and innovative shopping and dining options, the inclusive spirit on which the community was founded still remains. Read on to learn how one Ormond Beach establishment continues to roll out the red carpet for visitors and residents alike. 

“Welcome to Ormond Beach”

You’re sure to hear that phrase within seconds of walking through the doors of the MacDonald House Welcome Center. Nestled in the heart of the city, the building itself is an exciting relic of the past.

Though the structure was built in 1895, it’s named after Billy MacDonald, who in 1926 purchased a nearby establishment that’s still in business today (Billy’s Tap Room and Grill). Thirteen years later, MacDonald bought the home and moved in his family. It now houses the Ormond Beach Historical Trust. It’s also the official Ormond Beach Welcome Center.

A rarity in Florida, this Queen Anne-style structure has three floors and five bedrooms. Though the rooms are no longer used for guests, the entire structure is still visible from the street. Inside, you can browse brochures about area attractions, buy local souvenirs, and view a brief video presentation on the early beginnings of Ormond Beach. Many historical photos are also on display.

Immerse Yourself in History

In addition, the MacDonald House features both permanent and changing exhibits of local interest. That includes features on the Timucuan tribe right up through Flagler-era innovations. You’ll also learn about famous early residents, the area’s integral role in motorsports, and more.

Several lectures are also scheduled throughout the year. These focus on Central Florida history and the men and women who helped shaped this region. Volunteer docents are always glad to answer any of your questions and/or offer valuable insight into the community, including interesting places to visit, shop, and dine.

Travel Back in Time

Throughout the month, the Ormond Beach Historical Society stages historic bus tours. This two-hour guided tour details the early beginnings of Ormond Beach. You’ll see some of the first homes in the area, plus local wildlife and vegetation, and many of the new and exciting modern conveniences and attractions now available.

Stops include the world-renowned Fairchild Oak. Located inside Bulow Creek State Park, this tree is more than 400 years old. You’ll also see the Three Chimneys plantation ruins. This attraction is only accessible through the bus tour, making it an exclusive site to witness first-hand.

Embrace the Community

As you tour the area, you’ll marvel at the many pristine and welcoming communities along the way. That includes Halifax Plantation, which is accessible from the Ormond Scenic Loop and Trail (across from Bulow Creek State Park). In addition, Ormond Beach and Central Florida features a variety of other elegant and inviting neighborhoods.

For nearly 30 years, we’ve helped people across the country find their ideal spot in Ormond Beach. Here, you’ll enjoy the same inclusive culture and welcoming nature that the area became known for decades ago. Plus, when you create a quality custom home in the region, every day is a new opportunity to enjoy quality time and make lasting memories with friends and loved ones.

Contact us today to learn how simple and affordable it is to get started on a custom home of your own. The luxury and enhanced quality of life you’ve always wanted is well within your reach.

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