Learn What Makes Open Concept New Homes in Daytona Beach, Florida So Great

Thu, Oct 28, 2021 at 2:19PM

Learn What Makes Open Concept New Homes in Daytona Beach, Florida So Great

Open concept homes have grown in popularity in recent years for many good reasons. Spacious, open rooms extend from one side of Daytona Beach new homes to another, unencumbered by walls. Homeowners have been choosing open concept homes more because they love the way they maximize space and make even smaller homes feel bigger. Read on to discover why you’ll love open concept homes just as much as other homeowners!

More Living Space

Fewer walls mean that homeowners can enjoy more space to move around. Plus, less space goes to waste in open concept homes! Rooms in these kinds of homes flow seamlessly from one to another without division, which provides homeowners with more options to add in and move around furniture.

Better Flow

Since there are fewer walls and obstructions to line of sight, light can travel back and forth to fill the entire space much easier. Similarly, airflow and temperature will have fewer obstacles throughout your home. This is why open concept homes seem lighter and airier than floor plans that have separated rooms.

Easier to Host and Entertain

Walls can get in the way of enjoying your company while you may be working in the kitchen or another separate room. Open concept homes get rid of the walls that can act as barriers between rooms, which allows homeowners to engage in conversation with guests even if they are in separate spaces. You and your guests are sure to feel more connected rather than separated and distant.

Make Smaller Spaces Feel Bigger

The living room, kitchen, and dining room are three of the spaces that families spend most of their time in. It’s important to feel relaxed when you’re in any of these rooms, and being able to move freely from one space to another makes it easier than ever to relax. Plus, getting rid of the boundaries that confine these spaces in “closed” concepts will make any home feel more spacious.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Wide-open spaces are easier to heat and cool, which means your air conditioning won’t have to work as hard to keep your indoor temperature comfortable. Plus, you won’t need to use electric lights as often when it’s so easy for natural light to fill your space. Not only are open concept homes enjoyable for aesthetic purposes – they are great for energy efficiency, as well.

After reading through these five benefits, it’s easy to see why more homeowners are choosing new homes in Daytona Beach, Florida with open concepts. There’s an open concept home here in Volusia County that’s just waiting for you to build it – all you need are leading custom home builders in Daytona Beach, Florida! Today, give Vanacore Homes a call to learn more about the custom floor plans we offer and see why an open concept will elevate your quality of life.

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