Tips for Homes in Palm Coast Florida: How to Prep Your Lanai for Outdoor Lounging

Mon, Jul 26, 2021 at 12:05PM

Tips for Homes in Palm Coast Florida: How to Prep Your Lanai for Outdoor Lounging

Owners of new homes in Palm Coast know best – there’s no more relaxing retreat than your own lanai! This private, cozy space is the perfect way to enjoy all the best of the outdoors without fears of insects or the elements. Consisting of a space like a patio or porch, often covered by a roof, screen, or both, a lanai provides shade and protection for relaxing or entertaining outdoors. While you craft your new construction home, it’s the perfect time to envision how you plan to prepare your ideal outdoor oasis to create the perfect retreat. Read on for a few ideas to get started!

Choose the Right Furniture

Ready to relax in style? Making the right furniture picks to suit your Florida lifestyle is an important consideration for this outdoor space. Start with choosing materials that will be able to stand up the outdoor elements – but that can also complement the breezy feel of a lanai space. This might mean choosing rattan or wicker for lightweight strength – or other furniture in white or light shades to add some brightness to the space. Try adding in furniture that encourages relaxation – like rocking chairs or even a hammock for the perfect space to lounge or catch up on reading. If you’re considering upgrading your exterior space with an outdoor kitchen, you might consider furniture that pairs well with outdoor dining – like a sturdy table and chairs with enough space to accommodate a dinner party.

Embrace the Indoor-Outdoor Feel

With lovely weather in frequent supply near Palm Coast new homes, one of the best ways to set up your Floridian lanai is to further embrace the indoor-outdoor feel of the space. An easy choice is to bring in some greenery! It’s the perfect place to begin cultivating some plants – whether that means a mini herb garden to use with your indoor kitchen, some fun and hardy succulents, or any other plant that can thrive in Florida’s climate to your best gardening abilities. Surrounding yourself with plants and caring for them can be highly therapeutic and calming – so there’s no reason not to embrace them in the sun exposure provided by your lanai!

Create Evening Ambiance

However, you shouldn’t only consider setting up your lanai for the Florida sun. You’ll also want to imagine the feel of the space once the sun goes down! Create some magical lighting by introducing a warm and cozy candlelit glow – perfect as part of an outdoor tablescape. Or, you might even string up some fun twinkle string lights to add a magical quality to the space. For any cool evenings, consider adding a cozy throw blanket and comfortable pillows atop lounging furniture – perfect to keep comfortable while enjoying drinks and conversation!

Now is the time to make your Florida lanai life dreams come true in a high-quality Vanacore home. Working with the home builders Palm Coast trusts best on your new home means enjoying all the attentive customer service and frequent communication necessary to craft the best space for your lifestyle. Contact us today to explore floorplans or custom options!

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