Discover the Benefits of Embracing Natural Light Inside Palm Coast New Homes

Mon, Feb 22, 2021 at 2:54PM

Discover the Benefits of Embracing Natural Light Inside Palm Coast New Homes

There’s nothing quite like the experience of enjoying warm and bright sunlight streaming into your home to kick off the morning right. When you’re in the process of working with Palm Coast homebuilders to craft a perfect new space from the ground up, one of the most important things you can consider is your lighting. Sure, it’s valuable to think about different fixtures and even floor and table lamps – however, there’s a bounty of reasons to take full advantage of natural light! Here’s a few reasons we love to take advance of this resource – as well as some helpful tips to consider along the way!

An Easy Way to Be Energy Efficient

Are you often thinking about ways that new homes in Palm Coast can save you money on your energy bills? One of the simplest ways to answer this question is to consider the benefits of natural sunlight! Working with a skilled builder to optimize your home’s exposure to sunlight with the best window placement, orientation, and size can help you utilize sunlight to help control indoor climate and also minimize the need for additional artificial lights. Being able to keep those lights off during daytime hours – and also enjoy all the other benefits of natural sunlight – is a win-win in our books!

An Opportunity for Added Health Benefits

This added sunlight doesn’t just benefit the energy usage inside your home – it can also benefit you! Having access to natural light is associated with plenty of different healthy benefits. For example, sunlight has been said to help boost mood by triggering release of the hormone serotonin in your brain. The lack of access to sunlight in winter months has been associated with conditions like seasonal affective disorder – which is why some individuals may choose to purchase light therapy boxes as treatment. However, if you’re already in the process of working with builders in Palm Coast to design a new-construction home, optimizing your home for access to natural sunlight is a great option. Also, is that wasn’t enough, exposure to sunlight is a great source of vitamin D!

A Boost to Your Productivity

Finding yourself working from home and wanting to optimize your space? Beyond those previous health concerns, natural sunlight exposure also has benefits that can help your productivity. Some studies suggest that natural light can help improve the quality of sleep – and also, access to natural light can help you use light and dark signals to regulate your circadian rhythm and sleep-wake cycles. Getting better, more regular rest can be a huge step towards improving focus and energy levels during the day. Also, as an added benefit, increased and optimally-positioned natural light, as opposed to poorly-lit conditions, can help you avoid eye strain when working with computer screens.

A Chance to Explore New Design Ideas

While you’re building and thinking about the future design and décor of your home, it’s also a good time to consider all the ways that your interior design elements can work with – and not against – your new home’s focus on natural light. To start, be sure to remove heavy furniture from blocking windows. Move away from dark, opaque curtains as well – you might want to preserve privacy while allowing in brightness by opting for somewhat-sheer curtains. If you choose to decorate with light, airy colors, you’ll be able to more easily reflect light throughout the space and create an environment that feels open, large, airy, and beautiful!

Planning for all the wonderful benefits of light in new homes in Ormond Beach and Palm Coast couldn’t be easier when you have the help of trusted builders. With nearly 4000 homes built and decades of experience, Vanacore Homes is prepared to bring your dream home to reality with the highest standards of construction in one of our beautiful communities. To learn more or get started, contact us today!

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