4 Signs It’s the Right Time to Explore Building New Homes in Palm Coast

Thu, Jun 10, 2021 at 11:29AM

4 Signs It’s the Right Time to Explore Building New Homes in Palm Coast

Have you done your research on what it might be like to partner with a Palm Coast builder to create your dream home? If you’ve already been learning more about the homebuilding process, you might be wondering if it’s the right choice for you. There’s a few ways you can begin to determine if you’re starting along the perfect path – so, read on to learn if it’s time to make that jump and begin the process of building your new home!

  1. You Haven’t Found a Perfect Existing Home

In the house hunting process, you’re likely to come across a lot of homes that just don’t fully fit the bill. Perhaps you’re not finding enough space – with too few bedrooms, a small living room, or even not enough storage to hold everything your family will bring along. Maybe you’re not finding enough kitchen space to accommodate your culinary pursuits, or the guest space necessary to host loved ones on holidays. If you’re not crossing off each item on your checklist and are unimpressed by the homes you’re touring, it might be a sign that it’s the right time to start building your custom home!

  1. You Have a Long-Term Outlook

When you opt to build, instead of buying used, you’ll be looking not only at your current needs for the immediate future, but also at the home that you’ll be living in and making memories in for years to come. Do you have an idea of what the future may hold for you? Perhaps you’re planning on starting a family – or would like room to start a business from home. What changes or extra space would that entail in your home planning? If you have a forward-thinking mindset, it might be the time to set plans into motion with a new Vanacore home.

  1. You Don’t Want Compromises

Shopping around and touring used homes is an often-unwanted exercise in compromise. After all, you’re planning to fit your own varied, unique lifestyle needs into a home built or renovated for someone else. When you opt to build new, you can design your home to fit your own lifestyle – and not the other way around! Plus, planning to repair an older home can uncover plenty of problems and unexpected surprises along the way. Building new means getting a full picture of your new home’s details – adding a new level of ease to any future repairs or renovations.

  1. You Know the Importance of Location

You don’t get to choose the neighborhood where an existing property is located – and this is one of the many limiting factors posted by house hunting for a used home. As the adage decrees – location, location, location! Where your home is situated is an important factor – determining access to schools, work, and other amenities. Finding the best locations and communities is a key step in planning your new construction home. Vanacore Homes has developed plenty of amazing Ormond Beach and Palm Coast communities – and even offers you the option to build on your own lot in Volusia or Flager County.

If any or all of these points sound like your current mindset, you may just be in the right place to consider building a new construction home.  The next step? Partnering with a trusted, experienced homebuilder that can bring your vision to life. Vanacore Homes offers award-winning, energy-efficient home design. We’re excited to explore all the potential of your future home together. Contact us today to learn more about getting started!

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