Make the Most of Area Rugs in New Homes in Palm Coast

Thu, Jun 10, 2021 at 11:29AM

Make the Most of Area Rugs in New Homes in Palm Coast

Between their visual appeal and practical benefits, area rugs offer plenty of perks and can be a worthwhile addition to your room décor. If you’re seeking out the perfect rug to accent and balance the space within new homes in Palm Coast, you have plenty of considerations to weigh. As you plan out your area rug selection, here’s a few thoughts and tips to consider.

Benefits of Area Rugs

Homeowners are often delighted to learn of the long list of benefits that adding an area rug can provide to their space. Unlike installing wall-to-wall carpeting, opting for an area rug offers an array of benefits. They can be removed and cleaned, unlike dealing with spills or dirt buildup on carpeting attached to the floor. They also offer less commitment and are easily swapped out – you can completely change your taste in décor and replace a rug with an easy swap!

Getting Inspired

Rugs can easily become the focal point of a room – so it’s a wise decision to choose a rug early on and allow it to help guide a direction for your home décor. An interesting color scheme or pattern can be a helpful tool to inspire the rest of your room. For example, an interesting color scheme or pattern can be drawn from – directing selections in wall art, curtains, furniture, and more. Plus, a rug can add some warmth and comfort to a space, boosting coziness in a living room or bathroom arrangement within Palm Coast new homes.

Consider Your Sizing

Above everything else, when picking an area rug, making sure you utilize an appropriate size is key. But with so many different sizes and shapes of rugs available, how can you be sure to choose correctly for your space? There’s a few handy tips to follow. For example, to return to basics, be sure to fully measure your space so you’ll have a better idea of sizing while shopping for rugs. A too-small rug can look awkward in the space – and, worse yet, you don’t want to get stuck with a rug too large to fit. Make sure the rug is large enough to visually contain the major pieces of furniture you want grouped within an area. This will either mean having the front two legs of furniture on the rug, or having all of the legs placed on the rug. This method will help you gain a greater sense of proportion and will help the room to feel larger and grander.

Placement is Key

Another important step is to decide where the rugs will be placed. First, think big picture – is the type of rug you have in mind even appropriate for the room in question? Something fluffy and white might be key to capturing cozy comfort in a sitting area – but not as much in the dining room, where rugs will be prone to food spills and messy cleanup. Within a room, use the rug to anchor and define separate spaces. A well-placed rug may be key to bringing a furniture grouping together – whereas a rug floating alone in the center of a room might look unbalanced and confusing.

Armed with this new knowledge, you may feel that it’s time to outfit your home with the perfect new area rugs to bring visual interest and comfort to the space. If you’re still in the process of plotting out your new home, partner with Vanacore Homes – award-winning Palm Coast custom home builders prepared to help bring your dream space to life.

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