7 Small Touches to Elevate Palm Coast New Homes

Thu, Sep 17, 2020 at 4:10PM

7 Small Touches to Elevate Palm Coast New Homes

When building a custom home, there’s plenty of design options to get excited about. Sometimes, however, the space just doesn’t feel quite done – and you’re not sure why. We’re here to solve that problem! If you need some ideas about ways to take your space from ordinary to extraordinary, read on – and remember that Vanacore Homes, the trusted name in Palm Coast home builders, is here to assist you with all your needs when tailoring your custom home to your lifestyle.


  1. Introduce a Fresh Color


It’s time to stop thinking in all neutrals. There’s a whole world of color out there for you to explore! You can certainly take advantage of color while still keeping your space looking tasteful and sophisticated – with a new splash of interest and personality.


You might consider anchoring the space with an accent wall color. However, if that’s too large of a commitment, and you feel like you might change out your décor over time, there are plenty of other ways to bring color into a space while maintaining neutral walls to go with anything your future tastes might bring. For example, you could introduce an accent color into a room with furniture, rugs, curtains, or even smaller pieces such as throw pillows or artwork. Coordinate these objects in a color or two to create an interesting scheme for the room.


  1. Consider Crown Molding


Crown molding is a touch that can help a room feel more formal and polished – giving your space an elegant upgrade right away. Adding it around ceilings and floors is the classic choice – and adding corner blocks can take that crown molding to the next level. But there are plenty of other ways you might consider introducing crown molding to elevate your space, as well. For example, why not use it to frame your windows or doors?


  1. Install Interesting Hardware Fixtures


Why allow your cabinets or doors to go unnoticed? This is a perfect spot to accessorize your space. Consider upgrading standard drawer pulls to something more modern and sleek. Make them stand out by trying something in a bright gold or antique brass finish – or maybe even black for a bold contrast against a lighter backdrop. Or, if you’re feeling the need for an artistic touch, consider creating a boho-chic vibe by adding some beautiful painted ceramic knobs to your cabinets. 


  1. Don’t Forget Lighting


Finding the right lighting is crucial to any space – and there are endless options that you can explore. If you’re a fan of all the benefits of natural light, you might consider installing a skylight when building your custom home, or taking advantage of well-placed, beautiful windows to let in optimal daylight. Or, if you’re looking for a bold focal point, you might have your heart set on a gorgeous chandelier. The light itself can also be a subtle touch – maybe you choose to opt for a warmer feel to the light with specific lightbulbs, or include a dimmer in order to set mood lighting whenever you please.


  1. Vary Textures


A home without varied textures can be a bit boring visually – so it’s important to create contrast to give your eyes areas to focus. When building your custom home, think about the placement of materials – you might consider introducing rougher brick to contrast smooth hardwood floors, for example. When decorating, you can utilize different textiles to introduce layers of texture – such as including an interesting fur throw over a sofa, or including a woven rug.


  1. Keep Your Storage Chic


Nothing can ruin the feel of a space more than unwanted and unintentional clutter. Make disorganization a thing of the past by introducing plenty of storage space built into your custom home. Maybe your large wardrobe requires plenty of walk-in closet space. Or, your book collection and entertainment system need built-in shelving to keep everything tidy. By having the tools needed to stay organized, your space will look clean and intentional.


  1. Get Help From The Experts You Trust Best


When you’re looking for home builders in Palm Coast, look no further. Vanacore Homes is here to help you craft your dream home with all these polished touches (and much more!). As you develop your perfect space, you’ll work with interior decorators to choose the perfect flooring, countertops, lighting, cabinets, and paint. Ready to get started? Contact us today.

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