The Palm Coast Home Builders’ Guide to a Beautifully Organized Closet

Thu, Jun 10, 2021 at 11:29AM

The Palm Coast Home Builders’ Guide to a Beautifully Organized Closet

While we shift our wardrobes towards our favorite summertime staples – or are gearing up to embrace clean closets and fresh starts in new homes in Ormond Beach Florida – it’s helpful to spent some time getting organized. After all, a neat and tidy closet, while being some effort up front, can save you plenty of time and energy down the line. Read on for a few of our favorite tips to help make your closet look beautiful.

Empty and Declutter First

The first step along your journey to an organized closet? Remove everything! Purging your closet of unworn or worn-out clothes is the perfect way to start fresh, especially in a new home and new closet altogether. Put your garments into categories, based on each type of item – then declutter. Get rid of anything you no longer want or need. Create different piles or designated bags to help – including items to donate, sell, give away, or put in storage for a later season.

Invest in the Tools You’ll Need

Getting the right tools to handle the job is a handy way to help increase the organizational layout of your closet place. Start with a set of matching hangers – not only will the clean look be a motivator to keep your closet tidy, but they’ll also hang more orderly to help you conserve space. For folded items on shelves, consider purchasing some baskets or bins to keep clutter stowed away, organized out of sight. And, for anything bulky and out of season (such as sweaters), invest in vacuum bags to pack things under your bed and out of sight.

Make the Most of Your Space

If you consider ways to utilize odd spots creatively, it’s easy to maximize your closet space. For example, the back of your door is a great place for a shoe organizer or accessory rack. You could install towel bars – not just for the kitchen or bathroom – to create a great place for hanging scarves or other accessories. Or, you could create a pinboard to hang jewelry and earrings – leaving them in plain sight and encouraging you to wear them more often.

Consider the Best Arrangement

Arranging your closet isn’t a one-size-fits-all endeavor. The system you choose to organize your clothes must depend on how you think about getting dressed in the morning. When you follow your own habits, you’ll optimize your time! If you best remember items by color, opt to organize your clothes in a rainbow format so you’ll know exactly where to find that favorite green shirt every time. Or, organize by type of garment – keeping dresses together and pants in another category. Alternatively, you can group by occasion, allowing you to separate clothes for formal and casual occasions.

Creating your ideal closet can be just as easy as creating your ideal home – especially when Vanacore Homes is here to help with award-winning expertise. Contact us today for expert advice on crafting dream homes in Ormond Beach or Palm Coast – as experienced home builders, we’re prepared to help, each and every step of the way!

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