4 Ways to Design Your Homes in Ormond Beach with Floridian Flair

Thu, Sep 17, 2020 at 4:14PM

4 Ways to Design Your Homes in Ormond Beach with Floridian Flair

When you’re ready to start on your new home construction in beautiful Ormond Beach and Palm Coast, you might find yourself getting inspired by the beautiful Sunshine State around you in planning your home design. Floridian design elements have a distinct vibe – a bit beachy, nautical, or tropical – with its own unique quirks. Vanacore Homes, the home builder Palm Coast residents trust best, is here to help you craft the perfect custom beach getaway. Read these four simple tips and you’ll be well on your way!


  1. Keep it Bright and Breezy


One of the most noticeable aspects of Florida home design and décor is the breeziness – and that makes perfect logistical sense. After all, it gets hot here! Keeping free-flowing space throughout your home design can allow for better air flow. This can be bigger, open room sizes and perhaps lower, lounging furniture. Also, you can take advantage of air and natural sunlight by optimal placement of windows. Consider hardwood flooring for your home – not only will it capture and retain less heat, but a smooth floor can make it easy to clean up any dirt and debris that might get tracked inside during nature walks or sandy beach days. Also, you can keep the space bright by avoiding large areas of dark, somber colors and opting instead for light and bright hues – blues can be peaceful and reminiscent of the ocean, while greens are fresh and natural. You’ll want to utilize light, airy neutrals, as well.


  1. Create a Relaxed Feel


Who doesn’t love the relaxation of a refreshing day at the beach? It’s time to bring this same energy into your Floridian home. Create your tropical getaway by introducing comfortable furniture where you can kick back and relax – such as a wicker seat or sofa and a low coffee table. You can extend this same style of furniture into some outdoor social spaces – you may want a firepit to bring the beach bonfire to your backyard, or an outdoor kitchen space to create a summer cookout feeling all year long. Maybe you can add some comfortable reclining chairs near your pool. There are plenty of possibilities to take advantage of the warm weather outside.


  1. Consider Your Décor Materials


Incorporating natural or beachy materials into your interior decorating style is a great way to bring some Floridian magic into your space. To create a cozy beach cottage feeling, you’ll want to avoid blank, sterile-feeling interiors by bringing in a touch of rustic texture. Avoid dark, heavy-looking wooden furniture pieces – instead, opt for wicker, rattan, or bamboo, or draw in some interest with a beautiful driftwood piece. If you are looking to use wood, consider something worn and reclaimed or painted white to add to the beachy aesthetic.


Another idea can be to utilize nautical materials like rope in your design elements. Perhaps sea glass or seashells can be introduced as beautiful shelf décor. Furthermore, you might want to consider hanging some artwork – you’ll love being able to brighten your mood by admiring a beautiful beach landscape or native Floridian flora or fauna.


  1. Partner with the Homebuilder Florida Loves


Vanacore Homes has been crafting quality homes and building lifestyle communities in Ormond Beach and Palm Coast since 1991. We have the experience to help you bring your dream Palm Coast new homes to reality – and we’ll be there with you, every step of the way. When you’re ready to start building your beachy Floridian paradise, contact us to get started.

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