Trending Home Office Design Ideas for Palm Coast New Homes

Mon, May 24, 2021 at 3:47PM

Trending Home Office Design Ideas for Palm Coast New Homes

With so many in the workforce making a shift to partial or total remote work, we’re learning about how doing business in the digital age requires so much more than just a basic, makeshift home office space. Just as it’s so important to stay organized in the workplace, it’s critical to be prepared and productive at home, as well. So – what should be your biggest concerns when designing an effective home office – and what design choices are trending? Read on for some tips from your premier Palm Coast home builders on ways to optimize your new home’s office for success, right from the start.

Showcase Your Style

While we might not have initially considered it, your video call backdrop offers coworkers and clients a direct view into your space – and sets some expectations on your own level of professionalism. Gone are the days of tolerating kitchen workspaces and seeing distracting family members passing behind you in full view of the camera. Home offices offer you a chance to curate your space with intentional design choices – and a chance to show off your unique sense of style! Working in a space that you love can be a huge productivity boost – so don’t be afraid to play with color and add fun décor that makes you smile. However, keep an eye out to make sure your background isn’t overly distracting with loud colors, patterns, or strange lighting. Professionalism and clarity on video calls are key.

A Focus on Wellbeing

Just like in any office, you’re sure to spend plenty of time seated and at a computer in your home office space. This isn’t always the healthiest choice for our bodies – but you can make smart choices to work a focus on your personal wellbeing into the core design of your workspace. For example, you can combat eyestrain from your ongoing computer screen work by making optimal use of light. Don’t work with your computer against a bright window or fighting glare – instead, set up your workspace to achieve a bright level of natural light from windows to your side. Also, opt to stretch those legs whenever possible! Try out an adjustable sit-stand desk, which can change height in order to allow standing work or convert to sitting height when necessary.

Balancing Work and Home

Working from home means being close to all sorts of distractions – from pressing family needs, to home emergencies, to package deliveries, to loud outdoor noises and more. Intentional home office design can help mark a separation between your work and home environments – so you can create boundaries between the office and the rest of your home life. Pick a quiet space in the house with a door for privacy during important meetings or focused work. With your bedroom or living room left behind, your productivity is bound to be boosted and you’ll have the perfect space for recharging and relaxation when the work day is done!

Storage is Key

When you’re working from home, there’s always one thing you’re short on – storage space! Where do you plan to store files, important documents, computer technology needs, office supplies, books, and even more? It’s time to start thinking seriously about your storage needs. This might take different forms – for example, you might be interested in installing floating or built-in shelves to lift important supplies and books off your desk area. Plus, beautifully-organized shelves can double as the perfect video call background! Be sure to seek out furniture that fits your needs. A storage ottoman might be a great place to store extra supplies, for example. Also, you might consider looking for furniture that can create extra space – like chairs that can be tucked away for a cleaner silhouette.

Looking forward to a fresh start in your brand new home with a well-designed home office space to match? It’s time to plan for your future – of both your work and home lives – in a masterfully-crafted Vanacore home. We’re here to help you translate your lifestyle needs into perfect new homes in Palm Coast or Ormond Beach. Contact us today to learn how to take your first steps towards achieving the home of your dreams!

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