Tips for Choosing Flooring for New Homes in Palm Coast

Mon, Nov 23, 2020 at 11:31AM

Tips for Choosing Flooring for New Homes in Palm Coast

When you’re in the process of designing your new custom home, one important choice to consider is the flooring you will choose and how it will affect the look, feel, and function of your new space. There’s many different questions to think about – for example, what’s your budget? What décor style are you hoping to achieve? How much time and effort will you have available for cleaning, upkeep, and maintenance? Do you have to account for messes from pets or kids? With all these different thoughts in mind (and so many flooring options available) the decision can be a difficult one, but some assistance from knowledgeable home builders in Palm Coast Florida can help. Read on for some insights on different types of flooring you might want to consider for your new-construction home.


Choosing to install carpet can add a sense of coziness, warmth, and comfort to a space, and it also comes in a wide variety of colors and textures to meet the needs of any room. If opting for carpet, you’ll want to consider a few different things. Carpet comes with the risk of stains, especially from food or drink spills, pets, or dirt. You can seek out stain-resistant options to combat this and make it easier to clean, but vacuuming and occasional professional cleaning are also other necessary forms of regular maintenance. Although choosing light-colored carpets can brighten and open up smaller rooms, high-traffic areas of the home might be prone to needing higher amounts of upkeep and cleaning. Opting for a darker carpet color in these areas can help combat this issue.


Hardwood flooring is a classic option that can go well with a variety of different interior decorating styles. It’s fairly durable and can stand up well against spills and dirt as compared to carpeting, adding a level of ease to cleaning. Also, there’s plenty of different appearance options to choose from, involving different types of wood at different price points, different finishes, or different plank sizes. You might be cautious by noting that wood flooring can scrape or dent – so be aware of pets’ nails scratching or creating marks from dragging furniture. Adding an area rug to protect certain accident-prone areas can be a stylish choice to help you achieve the best of both worlds.


For the look of hardwood flooring at an affordable cost and with incredibly easy maintenance, you might opt for laminate flooring. This durable option can help resist water and scratches, giving you a great option for areas of the home that face a lot of traffic – or are hotspots for accidents from pets or children. Plus, laminate offers plenty of different looks, mimicking hardwood options from rich, dark wood to rustic-looking flooring, or even laminate tile or stone.

Tile and Stone

Another durable option, great for areas like kitchens and bathrooms, might be utilizing tile or stone. Choosing one of these flooring options can help avoid staining and provide easy cleanup, especially for spills. Options are incredibly wide – you might want clean and smooth marble tile, mosaic tile to add some unique flair, or rough and natural stone for a rustic touch. Any of these options can lend a luxurious, grand feel to a space. Be sure to upkeep them with regular hard-surface cleaning to remove dirt, and you might also want to use area rugs or pads on furniture to avoid scrapes when re-arranging.

Vanacore Homes Can Help

There’s so many different ways that you can utilize flooring options to customize your space and fit your lifestyle needs. At Vanacore Homes, we’ll help you along the way to making this important decision, along with many others – like countertops, lighting, cabinets, paint, and more – with the assistance of an interior decorator. We believe that your Palm Coast new homes should be a unique reflection of who you are – so we’re here to bring that to life! Contact us today to get started constructing your new home.

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