Ring In the New Year with Clean and Organized Palm Coast New Homes

Tue, Dec 15, 2020 at 3:13PM

Ring In the New Year with Clean and Organized Palm Coast New Homes

Have you started planning out your resolutions for 2021? Amidst the whirlwind of excitement surrounding the ending year, you can also find the perfect chance to take on a new and fresh perspective about getting organized in your space. Whether you’re looking for new ways to spruce up your current surroundings or are hoping to make a decisive new start with the help of talented Palm Coast home builders, there’s plenty of organizational plans you can set in motion to help create the tidy, beautiful home haven you deserve. Read on for a few resolutions we’re making!

Be Thoughtful With Possessions

One of the biggest obstacles to keeping organized is simply having too much stuff! The current holiday season and gift-giving can only serve to make the situation tougher. Take a deep breath and start the new year by cleaning out unnecessary possessions, then being even more thoughtful with what comes back in. Start with that pile of Christmas presents. Is there anything you truly can’t see yourself using – or wanting? Give it a chance to brighten someone else’s spirits instead – either through a return to the store or getting into the giving spirit by donating it to a thrift shop, shelter, or other charity.

Take this mindset even further. Moving into new construction homes in Ormond Beach or the surrounding area is a great chance to sort out things you don’t use. For example, are you finding clothes you’ve never worn? CDs or DVDs you’ve swapped for a digital format? Books you only felt obligated to read – but never did? Now is the perfect time for them to go. Next time you do decide to purchase something new, try to keep your new balance by finding something to give away in return.

Find Time to Tidy

Face the facts – we have busy lives, and there’s not always time every week or even month for deep cleaning your home! Aim to make the small changes that count. Stop messes in their tracks with a regular short tidying up session to fit any schedule. Look for the small moments where you can put some effort into organizing or cleaning – for example, tidying the living room during a commercial break or cleaning the kitchen a bit while waiting for water to boil. Lacking the motivation? Create some fun while cleaning by borrowing a favorite trick from elementary school. Put on a favorite song and make it a goal to keep cleaning up until the song finishes. Maybe those three minutes will get you in the mindset to tackle a bigger project. And, if not, at least you started something!

Choose Better Storage Solutions

Sometimes our storage solutions do us more harm than good. For example, keeping supplies in opaque, unlabeled boxes doesn’t help us find anything quickly, and more often than not leads to us re-purchasing things we already own. Kick off the new year by taking a day to open those boxes and swap them for a better storage system. Clear bins can help you locate what’s inside at a glance. Making labels is a powerful tool to categorize your storage and keep it in the right room of your home. Later, try to keep a note pad in spaces like your kitchen or laundry room to immediately write down which supplies are running low – or those for which you already have purchased a replacement.

Create Good Cleaning Habits

Making resolutions is all about finding a way to keep up habits and form them into a regular part of your lifestyle. Soon, you’ll be keeping the house clean on autopilot! Here’s one example to consider: when you get home after a long day working, you likely end up throwing your clothes on the floor or chair to handle later. Make it a point to take a few extra minutes and put all those clothes away at the end of the day – in their proper place. The same goes for the kitchen. Try to put away all your washed dishes to save your future, tired, morning self a world of trouble. A little effort now saves a lot piled up later!

Make the Most of a Fresh Start

Choosing to build a new construction home – much like handling the beginning of a new year – can become a powerful tool to put you into the right mindset to create organizational changes in your lifestyle that stick! Envision your new, pristine home and make it a point to keep the space feeling as nice and clean as the day you walked in. With the right small steps, this dream can be reality. When you’re ready to partner with builders in Palm Coast to start the process of creating your perfect new home, Vanacore Homes is here to help you plan. Contact us today!

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