How to Make Custom Palm Coast New Homes Meet Your Lifestyle Needs

Tue, Jan 19, 2021 at 1:27PM

How to Make Custom Palm Coast New Homes Meet Your Lifestyle Needs

Partnering with home builders in Palm Coast Florida to craft a custom space is a great way to find a home that meets all your unique preferences and needs – instead of getting stuck operating within the confines of a previous homeowner’s space. However, with so many details and specifics to take into consideration, it can quickly become confusing to determine which features will make or break your ability to get the fullest from your new home. It’s time to think about your unique lifestyle – and what it says about the most important needs to which you should pay extra attention for your new custom home.

If You Love Staying Active

Your perfect weekend includes taking a trip to the tennis court or heading out to some on-the-water recreation like paddleboarding or surfing. You get refreshed each morning with a walk, jog, or bike ride and maintain friendships from your yoga class. If exercise is your favorite mood-booster, you should make room to accommodate that love of staying fit inside your own home! Consider setting aside space for a home gym. Here, you can store equipment like your stationary bike or treadmill, as well as create organized spaces to store weights or other workout equipment. Also – don’t forget about the great outdoors! You might enjoy having a backyard pool to get in that morning swim, or just having space and fresh air for your Sun Salutations.

If You’re an Aspiring Chef

You’re the first to drop everything and try out a new recipe idea you stumbled upon online or read in a cookbook. You don’t mind the mess as you spread out dishes and keep multiple courses rolling at the same time. You have a mind to create everything from your own salad dressings to magnificently-decorated baked goods. If cooking is your passion, you’re going to want to focus on optimizing your kitchen and dining spaces to meet those needs. Start with high-quality countertops and cabinets, creating plenty of space for keeping your kitchen appliances and gadgets conveniently at hand. Create a cozy dining nook and even a large, formal dining space that gets you excited to cook, eat, and feed others around you. Don’t forget the outside – maybe you’d like to add an outdoor space for a summertime cookout. The options are truly endless!

If You Work from Home

You’re glued to your computer and working remote – either temporarily to navigate the pandemic or as your usual daily rhythm. Perhaps you’re running your own business from home. You keep plenty of files on hand and are serious about keeping organized and efficient. If this sounds like your goal, you’re going to want to focus on improving your home office space. You’ll benefit here from plenty of storage – like built-in shelving or cabinets to keep everything you need close at hand. Make sure to situate your office in a quiet area of your home to maximize peace and focus for your best work. Also, think beyond these walls! Make your work-life balance a priority by leaving work at work – and creating comfortable, fun living spaces for winding down after a long day.

If You Live to Entertain

Does the recent year have you missing opportunities to bring family and friends together in your home? Do you love hosting holiday celebrations, serving up meals, and making sure your visitors always have comfortable sheets and clean towels? Or, are you always happy to accommodate a friend passing through? Plan for all those future visits ahead with your custom home. Holidays spent in a beautiful formal dining room will be a great way to make those days memorable. Creating a dedicated guest suite can help your loved ones settle in and get comfortable. Plus, during other times of the year, it can double as an office, storage, or anything else you need.

When you’re looking to craft your perfect space, turn to the custom home builder Palm Coast loves. Our award-winning homes in the Palm Coast and Ormond Beach areas will be sure to impress with comfort and outstanding energy efficiency. Contact us today to learn more about starting your journey towards your dream home.

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