Invite Your Furry Friend into Your Palm Coast New Homes

Mon, Oct 19, 2020 at 11:47AM

Invite Your Furry Friend into Your Palm Coast New Homes

Moving into your newly-constructed home isn’t just a big change for yourself – it’s also a move and a new experience for your dog! When planning to work with Palm Coast home builders to create your new space, you tend to think about how to make your home best tailored to fit your needs. Take some of that time to think about how the space can also serve to accommodate your best furry friend. Here’s a few different ways that you can build spaces that work for both you and your pet – without sacrificing great style or your own personal lifestyle needs.


Create an Open Yard Space

One of the best ways to create a space that’s great for your pup is to make sure you have an open yard for outdoor exercise and an opportunity to stretch those legs. Provide plenty of space to run and roam – but also, make sure that a secure, fenced-in space allows your dog to spend time safely off the leash. When you’re landscaping, you might be concerned about preventing spots in your lawn – to combat this, consider creating a dog-friendly segment of the lawn with cover like turf, mulch, or a tougher type of grass. Be sure to choose plants that will be safe for your dog in the case that they’re accidentally ingested. Also, it’s important to include opportunities for cover from the hot Florida sun – a doghouse, trees, or bushes can all help provide shade to protect against overheating.


Remember Bath Time

With a bit of thoughtful design in your new space, bath time for your dog can go from complicated to quick and easy! Opting for a walk-in shower in your own bathroom can be a luxurious choice – but also can serve to streamline the process when you need to hose down your pup, especially for larger dogs that might have problems being hoisted into a bathtub. If you have the space to spare, you can even consider creating a dedicated pet grooming station in the form of a tiled nook with a faucet spray head and plenty of storage space to keep pet shampoo, towels, and other necessities.


Create a Feeding Area in Your Kitchen

Always tripping over pet bowls – or just tired of them taking up space on the floor? Eliminate this concern by finding ways to incorporate them thoughtfully into the space. You can create a feeding station recessed under countertops, for example. Some feeding spaces can even include a drawer with inset bowls that can be stowed away between meals – and also provide a better elevation to reduce strain for your pet’s feeding habits. For an added bonus, include a storage drawer to keep kibble and other feeding necessities – making mealtime quick and easy.


Bedtime is Important, Too!

You spend a lot of time thinking about creating your own perfect bedroom space to get all the rest you need. Make sure your furry friend has enough space of their own to rest and sleep, too! You might want to craft a cozy nook in your home that’s perfect to place a pet bed out of the way of the busier spaces in your home. There’s plenty of options for open and spacious crates with comfortable cushions – for example, they can be built in under a counter or stylishly incorporated into furniture. Options like these give your dog an area of their own while assuring that it won’t be obtrusive to the flow of the house – or your décor choices.


We hope that these tips have given you some ideas to start thinking about how you can make smart choices to include your dog thoughtfully in your new custom home. When you’re looking for trusted builders to help turn your pet-friendly space into a reality, look no further than Vanacore Homes. With 30 years of experience and nearly 4000 homes built, Vanacore Homes is the name you can trust for Ormond Beach and Palm Coast new homes. Together, we can craft the perfect home to meet the needs of both you and your pet. Contact us today to get started!

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