Create a Luxurious Spa-quality Bathroom with Palm Coast Home Builders

Mon, Oct 19, 2020 at 11:55AM

Create a Luxurious Spa-quality Bathroom with Palm Coast Home Builders

There’s no better way to kick back and get some much-needed self-care than with a refreshing spa day. However, it’s not always possible to plan those constant spa visits – so why not replicate that feeling at home, as well? When constructing custom homes in Ormond Beach and the surrounding area, there are plenty of ways to make your bathroom the perfect spa-like oasis. Whether you’re looking to soak in a luxurious bubble bath, focus in on some skincare with an at-home facial, or simply to start your mornings right as you prepare for the day, consider these tips to make your bathroom become your favorite room in the whole house.


Use Fresh, Clean Color

While you might think that a pink toilet or blue sink can be fun additions to your bathroom, features like these tend to make bathrooms look outdated quickly and can really put limits on your decorating choices. If that risk is a dealbreaker for you, consider opting for a classic look. Using white and other neutrals as the basis for your bathroom creates a bright, fresh look for the whole space. Utilize white tile for easy cleanup, gleaming countertops in materials like marble or granite, and a big, well-lit mirror to add a feeling of open space to the room. It’s easy to bring in accent colors with your décor choices – like fluffy towels and chic countertop organizers. This way, you can change out your color scheme with your changing tastes – without having to make major renovations to the space. Opting for calming accent colors like green or blue can provide the perfect mood boost for your day.


Upgrade Your Shower or Bathtub

When you’re looking to relax in luxury, don’t settle for a sub-par shower or bathtub. There’s plenty of options that can take your bath time routine from basic to the best part of your day. For example, opting for a spacious walk-in shower creates an ease of use and beautiful ambiance for your bathroom, while glass doors help to keep the space feeling open and not cramped. You can also opt for special showerheads, such as an oversized rainfall showerhead, to offer even more opportunities for relaxation. But while showers are good for a quick rinse, sometimes you’d much rather unwind and soak in the tub. Invest in a comfortable – and beautiful – bathtub in which you don’t feel cramped. A freestanding bathtub (like a clawfoot tub) or a tub with jets are both great options to pamper yourself.


Create Plenty of Storage Space

If there’s one thing that isn’t relaxing, it’s unnecessary clutter. It’s easy to let things pile up and create a mess in your bathroom – but having adequate storage space can be a helpful solution. Make sure to keep your bathroom looking neat by including well-organized shelves, cabinets and drawers, and maybe even some closet space for towels and supplies. When you design your new home with all the space you need to keep things in their place, you’ll be able to maintain a peaceful environment to keep your bathroom feeling like a spa-quality getaway.


Don’t Forget the Small Touches

Once you’ve perfected the larger elements of your perfect bathroom, don’t forget all the accents that truly make the room your own. Choose bath products or air fresheners in relaxing scents that you love – like lavender or other florals. If you’d like, you can also include scented candles to create soft lighting while you soak in the tub. A quality bathmat can keep the ground from getting slippery when you get up – and don’t forget a nice, fluffy robe to stay cozy and comfortable when you’re done!


Get Advice from Expert Builders

Creating your perfect bathroom is just one step – and one room – in the making of your perfect home. Thankfully, Vanacore Homes, your resource for quality Palm Coast new homes, is here to help you along the whole process. Contact us today to get expert advice on custom-crafting your new home, as well as plenty of assistance along the way to make the process a breeze. Visit our website and contact us today to start the process of creating your dream home!


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