Palm Coast Home Builders’ Guide to Avoiding Scope Creep

Fri, Mar 19, 2021 at 4:26PM

Palm Coast Home Builders’ Guide to Avoiding Scope Creep

If you’re looking to begin the process of constructing your new home, it’s important to be familiar with a certain term: scope creep. Scope creep occurs when changes and additions to the requirements of your project arise while the work is already in progress. When you’re experiencing scope creep, the finish line for your project can continue to be pushed further and further away from your reach – while increasing your intended timeline and budget. You might not think that scope creep will happen to you – but, while in the process of homebuilding, it’s easy to miss the red flags and fall into this dangerous trap. The easiest way to avoid scope creep is to discuss and understand the risks up front – so, read on for a few tips on setting yourself up for success!

Do Your Research

How can you accurately plan for such a massive project without fully understanding what needs to happen? It’s time to grab your laptop and begin doing some thorough research. What is realistic, achievable, and desirable for you? Think about new homes in Ormond Beach Florida which fit the image of your ideal new space – or new home communities in which you’d like to live. Take notes or save photos on the features of these homes so that you can discuss them with your builder. These ideas can help you can a sense of scale and even cost for your project – as well as to determine the right builder to work with you. Also, do some research on the homebuilding process! Before jumping headfirst into a long, large-scale commitment, understand what the timeline will look like – so you can confirm that it’s the right choice for you and your current life plans.

Write Down Your Goals

Now that you’ve gotten a realistic picture of what you’ll expect through the homebuilding process, it’s time to start thinking about how your own life goals will need to be reflected in the space. Get out your crystal ball – or, if you don’t have one, sit down with family or a spouse – to start seeing the future. Who will live in this space in years to come? Just you? A spouse? Extended family? Are kids on the way – or will kids be leaving the nest? Besides just these residents, consider if you’d like pets, guest space, home office space, or more. Also, consider extra space that you DON’T need. Determine the amount of space you can afford or have the energy to upkeep – both indoors and out. Make note of these decisions and use them to guide your building process. Without clear goals and with only a nebulous image of your future space in mind, you may lose sight of what’s most important and achievable for your home design.

Be Constructive When Changing Your Mind

Despite our best efforts, things can’t always be helped when your best efforts go awry. Perhaps major life circumstances change – or you failed to consider an important necessity for your space. While you might not be able to avoid every road bump, be sure to think critically about any changes to the scope of your project. Determine if it’s necessary, if it aligns with your pre-determined goals, and if you can afford any additional costs and extended time. Perhaps you can scale back efforts elsewhere to keep the project in budget and on the intended timeline – or you could plan ahead with extra time and funds to allow room for error. However, in order to navigate any of these difficulties, it is absolutely most important that you…

Communicate With Your Builders

Your homebuilders are there for a reason – they have the expertise necessary to make your project come to life. Keep an open sense of communication not only at the onset, but throughout the process to understand how the project is progressing, how changes may affect the house as a whole, and what is feasible within your budget and deadline. Skilled Palm Coast custom home builders can help you to make the best possible choices given the scope of your project – and not allow scope creep to settle in.

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