3 Great Ways to Think Like an Interior Decorator in Your New Home

Mon, Feb 22, 2021 at 2:54PM

3 Great Ways to Think Like an Interior Decorator in Your New Home

Can you already fully envision how your new home will look when you live in it? For most of us, that picture might be a bit unclear – and not everyone has the confident eye for design to immediately plan out all the decorating choices to make their blank-slate house feel like a home. When you build new homes in Ormond Beach Florida with Vanacore Homes, you’ll work with a design team and interior decorator to help make important choices about your future home. However, getting involved in the design process – and decorating down the line – can be important and incredibly fun. Here’s three ways that you can start thinking like an interior decorator to fill out your future space.

Ask the Hard Questions First

First step – figure out the scope of your project! It’s time to look from an outside perspective and interview yourself about necessary details. For example, think about budget. How much are you looking to spend right now? How will the money be allocated – is it worth it to splurge on certain important furniture pieces and to cut back and keep things simpler with others?

Also, take note of your household habits to consider necessities for daily function. Which areas of your home get the most foot traffic? Do you need to consider the needs of children or pets in your home design? Do rooms need to be flexible and multipurpose for your eclectic day-to-day activities? Answering all these questions will give you a great basis to start informing your decorating project.

Look For Inspiration Everywhere

Once you have some guidelines set in place, it’s time to start gathering ideas to hone in on your personal style. Start thinking about what you like and what you’re drawn towards when looking at others’ spaces. Perhaps it’s a good idea to start flipping through home decorating magazines for inspiration or browsing examples online. File away your favorites. Consider using them to create some sort of mood board – for example, digitally using an app or design program, or physically with magazine clippings and printed images pasted into a notebook. When you’re looking to make new purchases, turn to your inspirational mood board to guide decisions. Does what you have in mind fit the colors, style, or vibe of what you’re hoping to convey in the space?

Consider the Space As You Build

When you’re in the process of starting to build a new-construction home, it’s important to start considering the finished space you’re envisioning early on. For example, think about the measurements of the space. This will have a big impact on what furniture pieces and fixtures will be able to fit in the space. Note these down – and bring them along when you start shopping for larger pieces. Vertical measurements are also important – and you’ll take them into account when considering things like curtains, wall art, shelving, and anything else that can help you utilize all that vertical space. Finally, look at the floorplan to begin thinking about foot traffic. You’ll want to make sure that your design choices leave enough room for comfortable movement and lingering in the areas you need it most.

There’s so much to consider when beginning to decorate your new home – but partnering with a trusted homebuilder is clearly the first step! Vanacore Homes brings a professional, hands-on approach to crafting the home of your dreams at the highest standards of construction. If you’re ready to explore new homes in the Ormond Beach and Palm Coast areas, contact us today!

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