Top 3 Tips for Summertime Curb Appeal

Fri, May 03, 2019 at 4:40PM

Top 3 Tips for Summertime Curb Appeal

Here in Central Florida, summertime is approaching and everyone is getting in the spirit! Soon the kids will be out of school, the plants will be in full bloom, and spending time outdoors will become part of everyday life. You take pride in your custom home and you want the most out every season. That’s why we’ve rounded up our top three ways to add some summertime curb appeal to your Central Florida custom home.

With these tips, your home will soon be catching the eye of every passing neighbor. You’ll feel confident and prepared for all that the summer season brings. Whether you’re having friends over for a backyard barbecue or sipping iced tea on your front porch, summertime brings a unique array of home activities. Make sure your home is looking its best just in time for Florida’s most vibrant season. Take a look!

1) Fresh Coat of Paint

Nothing gives your custom home a reset like a fresh coat of paint. Vibrant and unstained, your home will be looking its absolute best. Not ready for a full paint job? Simply paint your shutters and doors for an instant pick-me-up. Summer is the perfect time of year to mix it up with bright and vibrant colors like turquoise, coral, or yellow. Not feeling so bold? Neutrals are fine too and ensure safe satisfaction.

Make sure your using a good weather-proof exterior paint and consult with a professional before painting for yourself. You’ll be surprised at how effective this simple update can be!

2) Add Some Color

Nothing says summer like fresh flower beds full of colorful annuals. Before getting started, it’s wise to sketch out a grid of your garden space so that you can plan the design and have a better idea of the supplies you will need. Then start by clearing out your flower beds of any scraggly weeds, unwanted plants, and old mulch that has gone dull over the winter. Then head to your local garden store and pick up fresh soil, new mulch, and the annuals of your choosing (we like vincas, torenia and zinnias).

Now you’re ready to get down and dirty! Plant your new flowers in an array of colors and be sure to add plenty of nutrient-rich soil to guarantee beautiful blooms all summer long. Finish your beds off with some brand new mulch and, if you prefer, a stone border to keep things neat and tidy. Your new flower beds will attract helpful garden guests like honeybees and butterflies, plus your Ormond Beach custom home will become a gorgeous sight to all that pass by.

Not ready to commit to flower beds? No problem! You can simply plant your favorite summertime blooms in various pots placed throughout the yard or by your front door. Potting flowers is an easy way to get started and will instantly add curb appeal to your custom home.

3) Welcome Guests in Style

In our opinion, the entryway to your home tells a lot about what’s inside. Your front door area is an excellent place to focus on when improving your Palm Coast custom home’s curb appeal. You want all of your summertime guests to feel welcome the moment they pull in the driveway and enhancing your entryway is a great way to achieve just that. Start by adding color through various sizes and shapes of flower pots filled to the brim with your favorite blooms. Hanging ferns or flowers are also a great addition to any front porch. Replace your home’s address numbers with bright and shiny new ones. This simple task will update your home’s look while also making it easier to find.

Welcome your guests the moment they approach the front door with a welcome message doormat or hanging door decoration. You can even get creative by crafting your own custom wreath out of seashells!

Another great way to add a welcoming vibe to your entryway is through seating. Whether your home allows space for a porch swing or a simple single rocking chair, you’ll instantly add an element of “sit down and stay awhile” to the front of your custom home. Finish off the summertime look with colorful outdoor throw pillows and “lived in” elements such as displaying your favorite watering can or bird house.

With some creativity and summertime inspiration, you’ll have your Central Florida custom home looking refreshed in no time. These are just a few of the many ideas you can use to maximize your curb appeal. You’ll likely have additions and specifics that are unique to your personal style and interests. That’s the beauty of custom home ownership, you are in control of every detail inside and out!

For nearly 30 years, we’ve delighted countless Central Florida area homeowners with custom home creations tailored to their exact needs and preferences. Now, it’s your turn! Browse our website to see the gorgeous homes we create. Then, contact us today to get started toward building your own custom home.

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