Experience the 2019 Central Florida Home Expo

Thu, May 02, 2019 at 5:00PM

Experience the 2019 Central Florida Home Expo

Central Florida is buzzing with excitement at this time of year and we’re getting ready for one of the summer’s most anticipated events, the Central Florida Home Expo. This year’s event will feature everything you’ll need for your upcoming home improvement projects, inspiration for your future custom home, innovative products and more!

You won’t want to miss out on one of the largest consumer home shows in Central Florida taking place June 8-9 at the Orange County Convention Center. Read on to get an idea of what to expect at this year’s show and how you can make the most of your home expo experience.

Prepare for Home Improvement Projects

Visiting a home expo as you prepare to embark on your own home improvement projects is a great way to get expert advice, find unique solutions and imagine the home of your dreams. Whether you are satisfied with your current residence or you’re interested in finding ideas for your future custom home, the expo is a great place to draw inspiration. This year’s event will feature exhibitors with amazing ideas just for you!

You’ll have the opportunity to meet with professionals who can help you make your next remodeling, renovation, landscaping, decorating, or custom home designing project a great success. Not only will you be surrounded by inspiring ideas and options, but you’ll get to speak directly with experts to receive custom advice. You’ll leave the expo feeling confident and ready to design the custom home of your dreams or finally tackle that home project you’ve been putting off all winter.

Discover New Products

The Central Florida Home Expo features the latest products and services available for home enhancement. Here, you can view and interact with the industry’s hottest home and garden products. You may discover an all-new home improvement solution that you never knew existed!

Enjoy strolling the expo floor and taking in your surroundings or engage in product demonstrations as you gather new ideas for your new or existing custom home. In addition, there will be instructional how-to seminars, giveaways, exhibits and more!

Bring the Whole Family

This year’s expo is a family friendly occasion complete with unique events tailored to any interest. Kids are welcome and their admission is free! The Kid’s Corner will feature animal shows all weekend with Joel Slaven. World renowned and intended to educate, this fun, animal-filled event will have your little ones jumping for joy.

The expo will also offer an opportunity to meet Danielle Colby, from History Channel’s show “American Pickers”. She’s a lover and collector of all things vintage as she dedicates her time to performing, producing and advocating. You’ll have the chance to hear her tips and experiences as you attend this Central Florida home event.

Get Inspired

Whether your gathering inspiration for your future custom home or in search of solutions for improving your current home, you’re sure to find value in this year’s Central Florida Home Expo. If you’re currently considering custom home ownership, now is a great time to get the process started.

For nearly three decades, Vanacore Homes has been proud to craft stunning custom homes tailored to your unique lifestyle and personal preferences. Using only the highest quality materials and focusing on personalized customer service, we’ve built a solid reputation as a premier custom home builder in Central Florida.

Contact us today to discover how attainable and straight-forward custom home ownership can be. We look forward to helping you achieve your dream of custom home ownership!

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