Tips to Create a Standout Entryway in Palm Coast New Homes

Tue, Jan 19, 2021 at 1:28PM

Tips to Create a Standout Entryway in Palm Coast New Homes

Are you ready to make a statement about your space from the moment you walk in the door? Start at the entryway! While this space often becomes a sort of afterthought amongst all the rooms to decorate in your Palm Coast or Ormond Beach new homes, it’s certainly worthy of thought. After all, it’s the first space visitors will experience in your home. Start on the right foot by putting some thought into your foyer! Here’s three ideas for planning out your home’s entryway.

Bring in the Drama

As mentioned before – the entryway to your home is the first impression given to anyone who walks through the door. If you consider the space to be more decorative than purely functional, opting to include bold, interesting décor can certainly be a great space to make a big statement! For example, you might decorate a space with high ceilings with a focal point to make an impact – for example, a statement piece of artwork on a wall, a stunning chandelier or interesting light fixture, or a grand, sweeping staircase. Plus, there’s many different ways to consider inviting color into that space – be it a bold accent wall, funky patterned wallpaper, or interesting tiled floors.

Keep it Cozy

Turn your entryway into a welcoming space for guests – or even simply for yourself and your family after a long day at work or school. Even if your space doesn’t have a clearly-spaced foyer, take the opportunity to designate the area – perhaps with furniture, a rug, or a screen or divider. Including a chair, bench, or even built-in nook can give yourself and others a great space to take off their shoes, sort mail, or handle other at-the-door tasks. You can warm up the space with a soft rug, wood or other natural accents, or even building the entryway with natural light and open windows in mind. Also – don’t forget to bring in a personal touch with some favorite decorative trinkets, photos, or other items to add as décor.

Maximize Your Storage Space

If you believe in keeping both style AND function, you can easily utilize your entryway to stay organized. Envision your foyer as a great-looking drop zone for everything entering and exiting your home. For example – consider kids and their school or extracurricular needs. Creating cubby storage or including wall hooks gives them a neat space to store backpacks, coats, or sports equipment. For yourself, this might mean a space to leave shoes, work materials, or mail, as well as a spot to never forget where you’ve left your keys. Make your organization stylish with decorative shelving, baskets, or even a shoe rack – there’s plenty of possibilities to explore.

Prepare to customize your new home – from the front entry to finishing touches – with Vanacore Homes. Working with skilled Palm Coast home builders is the best way to find the new home that best suits your unique lifestyle needs, and Vanacore’s attention to detail will help you make all the best choices to personalize your space. Contact us today to learn more!

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