Creatively Utilizing Garage Space in New Homes in Palm Coast

Mon, Feb 22, 2021 at 2:54PM

Creatively Utilizing Garage Space in New Homes in Palm Coast

While you might already have plenty of concerns about organizing your living room or dining room, there’s many other spaces in your new home that might deserve a little extra attention. Often-unappreciated rooms have plenty of potential to be taken to the next level, housing hobbies and other things for which you didn’t even realize you’d have the extra space. If you’re seeking out some extra room or planning out your organization for new homes in Palm Coast, consider some of these ways to make your garage into a multipurpose space and add plenty of unique flavor and functionality to your home!

Make the Most of Your Storage Space

You’re probably already using your garage for storage. However, are those precarious brown, cardboard, unlabeled boxes really helping you – or hurting you? There’s so many alternative, creative storage solutions you can – and should – look into. First (and most simply), try opting for see-through plastic bins so you can more easily find the objects for which you’re looking. In addition, try installing shelves or peg boards to keep useful tools handy. With a little creativity, you might even be able to create some ceiling storage with overhead racks or another hanging storage system.

Create Room for Your Hobbies

Why not introduce some fun to your garage? For example, it could be the perfect place for some dedicated space to house your hobbies and the supplies you need for them. For example, gardeners or fishing enthusiasts might be able to create an eye-catching, useful display to hang the tools of their trades. Or, maybe your garage can double as a studio for your passions – whether that means setting up a table for arts and crafts, setting up a jam session studio perfect for the musician in the family, or organizing tools to work on your car. Alternatively, you could keep the space functional with a gift wrapping station – for holidays year-round. Whatever you think is most important, you can certainly find room for it here!  

Find Playroom Space for the Kids

Looking for a good way to get your kids active and enjoying the outdoors? Hoping to keep some of their things outside the house to cut clutter? It’s an easy fix to set up some garage space to help store their things! Whether sports gear, bikes, scooters, skates, or other outdoor toys, use your garage space to store these items where they’ll be utilized most conveniently – perhaps in easily-accessible bins or shelving, labeled with appropriate names for sorting. The garage is the perfect indoor-outdoor area to help kids find some shade and comfort while also getting outside and staying active.

Discover At-Home Fitness Opportunities

After you’ve thought through finding active spaces for the kids, you might be interested in sorting out some space for your own fitness needs. With some extra elbow grease, your garage can certainly double as your own at-home fitness studio! Here, you might set up easy access to weights or other equipment. Roll out a yoga mat for some regular stretching sessions, or bring in a treadmill or stationary bike to work up that stamina. Plus, you can add some speakers and crank up the tunes while you exercise!

Are you finding yourself dreaming up all the ways you can work with builders in Palm Coast to best create all the spaces you want in your new home? Vanacore Homes is here and prepared to help you each step of the way with award-winning designs and an attentive, hands-on team. Contact us today to learn about beginning the process of building the home of your dreams!

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