Find a New Perspective on Decorating Homes in Ormond Beach

Tue, Jan 19, 2021 at 1:28PM

Find a New Perspective on Decorating Homes in Ormond Beach

As you enter 2021, is your year-old home décor starting to feel a bit stale? Or, perhaps you’re one of many planning to move into new homes in Palm Coast, and you’re thinking about how you can best use your old décor in new and exciting ways. Either way, it’s a great time to plan to create a big change in your surroundings! To jumpstart your creativity, we’ve thought up a few challenges to try out while you consider ways to redecorate your space. Try as many as it takes to spark new ideas for ways to make your house feel like a home – and a stylish one, at that!

Design Around a Statement Piece or Focal Point

Have you ever found a décor or furniture piece that you love and think is totally special – but you’re just not sure where to put it in your home? Now’s the time to break it out! It might be something bold and fun – like an area rug with bright colors and an interesting pattern, or maybe an inspiring and large piece of artwork. Or, maybe it’s not even a décor item – but instead a part of your home, like a large central fireplace. Take inspiration from it! Try out decorating a room around that one special piece – maybe matching it in décor style, color scheme, texture, or even just a general vibe. You never know where this new direction might lead your eye!

Take a Maximalist Approach…

Have you heard about maximalism in interior design? This trend has been coming to the forefront lately – claiming that more (rather than less) is more. Maximalists love decorating with a wild range of mixed patterns and colors, along with plenty of layered, eye-catching décor pieces. This option isn’t for the faint of heart – but can be a great way to generate ideas for your own style! Challenge yourself to go through your storage boxes or closets and take out your stored-away décor. Make it a point to try and find a spot to incorporate everything – yes, everything! Even if you don’t want to keep your space this cluttered for long, being forced to use every piece might just give you a new idea on how to use something forgotten in your normal decorating.

… Or a Minimalist One

Maximalist approach not sounding quite like your style? Or, looking to clean up from trying out that whole decorating ordeal? Try operating in reverse. This time, put away as much as possible to leave your space with a clean and refreshed look. Find anywhere where excess décor can be removed, and then pack it away for a moment. Now is the perfect time to decide if you’re actually attached to that lamp, sculpture, or vase – or if it was just filling space to be functional. It can be a cleansing act to edit your space and clear out items to gain a better understanding of what you’d like to see in your surroundings when you begin to place your favorite pieces back in.

Rearrange to Re-inspire

Sometimes, gaining a new perspective doesn’t mean adding or removing items – it might mean learning to creatively re-use what’s already around. Make it your mission to fully rearrange one room in your house. See what it’s like to live a day in this new perspective! For example, consider your living room. Maybe it’s a good time to push the sofa to a new wall, carving out a new TV-watching zone designated with furniture and an area rug. Or, consider what can be borrowed from other rooms. Swap out pillows or a throw blanket from another area to bring a pop of color into a new room. Options are endless when you think creatively.

We hope that trying out one (or multiple) of these decorating challenges can help you find a new perspective to decorate differently for the new year. If you’re looking to make an even bigger new start, Vanacore Homes is here to help you make the jump to build the new construction custom home of your dreams. With 30 years of experience and nearly 4,000 homes built, turn to Vanacore Homes to count on the home builder Palm Coast trusts best. Contact us today.

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