Prep Your Home for Poolside Fun

Sun, Jul 26, 2020 at 1:05PM

Prep Your Home for Poolside Fun

For many homeowners, having a pool of your own is a dream come true! Here at Vanacore Homes, we can take your dream to the next level with décor tips and custom options that add up to a splashing good time. Just read on for a few of our favorite ideas.

Add effortless storage options

To fully optimize your pool space, make it easy to access all your pool toys, towels and other gear! A patio coffee table with built-in storage is one great way to accomplish this. You can also add hooks for goggles, towels and whatever else you may want to store outdoors during your splash session.

Provide comfortable seating

The perfect pool day extends beyond the H2O itself! Instead of treating your patio furniture as an afterthought, look at it as an extension of your indoor living space. For example, you can add a comfy sectional sofa and ottomans that can help you recline or serve as effortless coffee and card tables.

Streamline pool access

Plan to spend lots of time poolside? Designate a bathroom or other space adjacent to your pool as a spot for suiting up, drying off, hanging up towels and swimsuits or simply taking breaks between cannonballs. Your family and friends are sure to thank you for this effortless access. (Tip: Be sure to also follow all recommended safety guidelines for your pool, such as locks and fencing especially if you have younger children or visitors at home.)

Keep the pool fun going

Who says the pool vibes have to stop after drying off? Continue the breezy, fun-loving atmosphere indoors with beach-themed décor like marine figurines, nautical lifesavers, ship steering wheels and whatever else inspires your relaxed, pool-day spirit.

Showcase a sparkling view

Studies show that blue water views aren’t just pleasing to the eye—they help us actually feel calmer, too! If you have a beautiful pool to show off, you should enjoy it even when you are back indoors for the day. Use expansive picture windows and a home layout that perfectly frames the pool vista outside.

This summer and long into the future, these tips will help you enjoy your pool and poolside space to the fullest! Live your Sunshine State dream every day with your own home by Vanacore Homes. Just contact us today to learn more about our local lifestyle and beautiful home options, ranging from custom construction to move-in-ready gems.

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