Explore the Growing Trend of Resilient Homes

Tue, Jul 09, 2019 at 3:45PM

Explore the Growing Trend of Resilient Homes

In an era of increased severe weather incidents and weather patterns across the country that have changed over the years, more homeowners are searching for ways to keep themselves and their loved ones safe inside. While it’s impossible to guarantee a zero damage scenario, there are ways you can protect your property from whatever Mother Nature can muster.

One of those methods is to live in a highly-secure home, such as is the case with custom homes. This way, you can be sure that your family will be safeguarded. In addition, custom homes allow you the freedom and flexibility to have everything you’ve ever wanted in a residence, with none of the things you don’t want or need.

As you think of a new ways to keep your family safe, and contemplate a move to make that goal a reality, it’s wise to keep a few guidelines top of mind. Here are some of the most popular:

Choose the Best Building Materials

Resilient homes are designed to withstand various severe weather situations, including fire, floods, high winds, flying debris, and similar. Diverse building supplies are used in construction of resilient homes. That includes metal roof ties, optimal insulation, stone/brick/concrete, water and rust-resistant materials, and much more.

The sad fact is that many existing homes simply aren’t built to withstand current weather patterns. That’s why it makes sense to choose a high-quality custom home that features the latest in safety building technology.

Plus, when you work with a trusted and reputable custom home builder, you get the peace of mind that your residence meets and even exceeds current safety standards and ratings. That’s a promise that simply can’t be fulfilled with most existing structures.

Practice Everyday Prevention

Along with updated building materials, there are things that you and your family can do to ensure long-term safety. The first step is to make an evacuation plan, and ensure every member of the household is on the same page as to their roles and responsibilities. Store emergency kits nearby in case you need to access them in a hurry. Also, keep in mind that the power may go out, and you’ll need to know where valuable safety items are located.

Next, stay informed and only leave the house when absolutely necessary, or if you’ve been ordered to do so by law enforcement. Find the safest space in your home and shelter in place until the ‘all clear’ has been called.

As mentioned, today’s custom homes are built tough to last. Many are specially-designed to stand up to severe weather incidents. With hurricane season in full swing, and with the threat of severe weather ever-present, now’s an ideal time to explore the safety and convenience factors that come along with a custom home tailored to your specific desires and requirements.

Team with a Reliable Builder

Contrary to popular belief, not all builders are created equal. Unfortunately, there are some workers who are hasty, and/or simply don’t have your best interests in mind. Thankfully, it’s simple and straight-forward to connect with a dynamic and professional builder who can help you fashion the custom home of your dreams.

For nearly three decades, we’ve assisted countless residents just like you in creating sophisticated and elegant custom homes. In fact, select models have been featured in both the Volusia and Flagler County Parade of Homes.

Now, it’s your turn to get a personalized residence that matches your unique wishes. Browse our website to witness the outstanding work quality of which we’re capable. Then, contact us today to get started on a custom home that perfectly matches the wants and needs of you and your family.

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