Spring Cleaning Stylishly: Finding a Visual Refresh for Ormond Beach Florida Homes

Sun, Apr 18, 2021 at 3:25PM

Spring Cleaning Stylishly: Finding a Visual Refresh for Ormond Beach Florida Homes

It’s undeniable – there’s something special about stepping into springtime that just feels refreshing. Whether it’s the return of blooming plant life, pleasant weather for outdoor fun, or simply sensing a revived spirit after a challenging year, this new season is a period of renewal for many of us – and it should be for your home, as well! While we traditionally associate the season with spring cleaning, let’s look beyond those dusty shelves and kitchen cleanups to think a bit more deeply about giving a fresh update to your home’s design. As certain 2021 décor trends begin to make their way to the forefront, it’s time to take an “out with the old, in with the new” approach and consider small ways you can update your home’s style while you clean up your home for spring.

Getting a Little Eclectic

Gone are the days of blank-slate, cookie-cutter home décor and design. After a year of much more time spent at home and an across-the-board yearning for excitement, it’s no surprise that style trends are taking a turn towards the unique, quirky, bold, and glamorous. Now is the perfect time to introduce bold pops of color, mixed and layered prints, and standout furniture pieces. If you’re looking to incorporate a touch of this trend towards maximalism in your own home, consider breaking up same-old matching furniture sets, rearranging pieces in your home. For example, an unexpected sofa and chair pairing can add interest to a cozy living room nook. Opt for bold accents in your favorite, happy colors – and feel free to bring home some interesting vintage or antique treasures to help layer the old and the new in your space.

Playing with Pattern in Unexpected Ways

Just as the “more is more” mentality above suggests, bigger, bolder, and more interesting prints are a hot style trend to follow. Look to incorporate lively patterns to add vibrance to your home and jazz up otherwise boring spaces – like draping a bright and interesting textile throw over your sofa or installing it as a tapestry wall hanging. Another way to lend interest to walls in a not-so-permanent manner? Experimenting with a unique peel-and-stick wallpaper! If you think this much patterning could be too big of a commitment, try it out in a small space for a unique, personal touch of elegance – such as inside a closet.

Making a Shift Towards Natural Elements

With growing shifts towards green living and a desire for quality materials, it’s no surprise that design is turning away from a focus on synthetics and adopting more natural elements. Furniture in wicker and rattan is gaining popularity, as well as adopting natural fabrics into home textiles. To follow the trend, try opting for household fabrics in materials like cotton or linen to add a sense of cozy, lived-in warmth to your space. Plus, you can never go wrong with adding some life to your home with a few beautiful houseplants!

As you go about spring cleaning in your Ormond Beach Florida homes, keep these trending ideas in mind. You might just find the perfect space to explore some new ideas – and revive your home décor at the same time! If you’re looking forward to a bigger change this spring, Vanacore Homes is prepared to help you craft the high-quality, energy-efficient home of your dreams! As the premier Ormond Beach and Palm Coast custom home builders, we offer plenty of award-winning homes and floorplans to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more!

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