4 Floorplan Ideas for Your Custom Home

Sat, Jul 06, 2019 at 3:45PM

4 Floorplan Ideas for Your Custom Home

When you’ve decided to move forward with building a custom home, the excitement can be difficult to contain. If you’re thinking of creating a custom home tailored to your specific desires and requirements, the sheer range of options can seem overwhelming. Thankfully, in both scenarios, there are simple and straight-forward ways to ensure you’ll end up with a custom home where you and your family will be happy and content for years to come.

That process begins by selecting the very best floorplan for your unique desires and requirements. When you’re looking for great ways to narrow down your choices, it’s often helpful to keep a few key concepts in mind. Here are some of the most popular:

1) Consider Your Lifestyle

Finding the best floorplan for your needs starts by making a list. Think of all the ways you’ll be using your custom home. For instance, if you love to entertain, you may wish to choose an open and airy plan where guests can roam freely and enjoy themselves. Or, you may prefer a more intimate and cozy atmosphere.

If you have young children, the location of their bedrooms might be top of mind. You may require extra space to accommodate an adult relative who’ll be living with you for all or part of the time.

As you decide on the best floorplan, it’s often helpful to use your existing home as a guide. Perhaps there are certain features that just don’t fit into your lifestyle. Or maybe you’ve always had certain perks in mind that aren’t currently available. In the end, your custom home can and should reflect your unique personality and interests.

2) Plan for the Future

One of the many real benefits of living in a custom home is that the structure can easily become your “forever” residence. That means you won’t have to even think about moving again. With that long-term lifestyle forecast in mind, it’s a good idea to consider a floorplan that will work well for decades to come.

For example, if you’re just starting a family, you’ll want to ensure all loved ones have ample space to live comfortably. If you’re preparing for retirement, you should consider how your custom home will complement your hobbies and interests as time goes by.

3) Include Hidden Features and Conveniences

As mentioned, your custom home can easily feature all the things you’ve always wanted in a residence. Now’s the time to consider elements and luxuries that just weren’t possible in your old house. You might also choose to add novel features designed to make your life easier and more enjoyable.

For example, perhaps you want a hidden room where you can escape for a moment and get some “me time.” Or maybe you require additional storage where you can keep necessary items hidden from direct view until they’re needed. You can also get creative with mud rooms, breakfast nooks, outdoor seating, spa areas, and much more. The possibilities in your custom home are only limited by your budget and imagination!

4) Consult with an Expert Builder

Now that you have a general idea of which floorplans work best for you and your loved ones, it’s time to reach out to a trusted and reputable builder who can help make your dreams a reality. This is also an ideal moment to discuss specifics such as lighting (including natural light), required amenities, functional spaces, and similar.

For nearly 30 years, we’ve helped countless residents create elegant custom homes in some of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Central Florida. That includes Southern Pines, Westland Village, Halifax Plantation, and throughout the City of Palm Coast. Contact us today to get started on a high-quality custom home tailored to your exact wants and needs.

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