Experience the Spooky Past at Pilgrim's Rest Cemetery

Fri, Sep 27, 2019 at 4:09PM

Experience the Spooky Past at Pilgrim's Rest Cemetery

Halloween (and for some people all of October) is a time to focus on collecting candy, dressing up in fun costumes, and simply enjoying all that autumn has to offer. However, more communities today are presenting a more historical perspective on the season, and a look into the storied past of some of the most interesting neighborhoods in Central Florida.

In Ormond Beach, one such event is the annual favorite “Tales from Pilgrim’s Rest Cemetery” — an annual tradition presented by the Ormond Beach Historical Society. This year’s event will be held on October 05 at the cemetery itself, which is located on the corner of State Road 5A and U.S. Route 40 (also known as Granada Boulevard).

Read on to uncover some of the amazing facts and information from the tour and beyond. You’ll also learn more about how you can join this dynamic community.

Early Area Settlers

Ormond Beach has long been a favorite destination. In fact, historians say the area has been inhabited for thousands of years. They’ve dated artifacts and evidence of life from the Timucuan Indians and other tribes.

In addition, the Ormond Burial Mound is believed to house the final remains of many early area settlers. It’s located on Beach Street, just down the road from the library and City Hall. Nearby lies the final resting place of James Ormond, the son of the city’s founder.

Strategic Locale

Just as locals and tourists alike enjoy the convenience and accessibility of this locale, the Ormond Beach area has long been frequented by visitors. In fact, during the late-1800s the area now known as “the Loop” (officially the Ormond Scenic Loop and Trail) was the principal roadway connecting Central Florida to Jacksonville and other towns and cities throughout the Sunshine State.

The growing and thriving community of Halifax Planation is located along the Loop, just across from Bulow Creek State Park — home of the world-famous Fairchild Oak.

Living History

When you visit Ormond Beach for the “Tales from Pilgrim’s Rest Cemetery” tour, you’ll be regaled by actors in period costume who tell their personal stories, as well as offer information on local happenings at the time. Past guests describe the experience as like walking back in time.

You’ll hear from actors portraying some of the early area pioneers, including some Confederate soldiers. Firing of an authentic Civil War-era cannon is planned. Antique muskets and true and original artifacts will also be on display.

Every Day Interest and Entertainment

This is just one of the many events and festivals held in the Ormond Beach area throughout the year. In fact, people from across the country and even the globe flock to Ormond Beach to take in the sights and enjoy the quaint downtown. Many visitors to the area choose to return to live here for all or part of the year. Now, you can, too.

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