Top 5 Ways to Get the Most from Your Custom Home

Fri, Feb 01, 2019 at 5:03PM

Top 5 Ways to Get the Most from Your Custom Home

Personalized service and adaptability are two of the hallmarks of the custom home experience. You want and deserve a new residence that matches your unique style and preferences. Rather than putting up with awkward aspects of existing structures, you know that a high-quality custom home can provide decades of enjoyment, all while offering the home features you’ve always envisioned.

Thankfully, there are ways you can avoid unpleasant or time and cost-restrictive scenarios. A major part of that process is planning how your ideal home will end up. Here’s how to get started:

1) Know the Details

While your individual situation might vary, most custom home projects begin by nailing down finances and knowing your options. Your builder can help you choose the very best features and amenities that perfectly match your budget.

In that same meeting, it’s essential that you have an honest discussion with your builder about the things you most want and need in your residence. This could be anything from items that complement your hobbies and interests, to accessibility requirements, and more. Now’s also a good time to have at least a general idea of intended specifics for your custom home.

2) Consult with Your Family

Before you get too far into the process, however, it’s important that everyone is on the same page. Along with financial considerations, it’s wise to understand the things your loved ones are most interested in when it comes to your new home. This provides the opportunity to add innovative features and upgrades you may not have previously considered.

At the same time, you can glean valuable knowledge on a variety of other concentrations, such as storage, flooring, lighting, bathroom and kitchen ideas, entryway and curb appeal, and much more.

3) Pre-Plan Décor 

The thought of starting from scratch is overwhelming to some people. At the least, between planning a move and preparing all the exciting features of your new residence, you’ll likely be strapped for time and perhaps focused on other things. That’s why it makes sense to get a jump start on how you’ll design your custom home.

For example, will you use the same color scheme throughout the house, or change it from room to room? What about landscaping? Can you envision relaxing in the peaceful quiet and comfort of your property? What sort of things do you most want to see and experience? Luckily, your custom home builder is a great resource for these and other ideas. Tap into their wealth of knowledge and expertise by starting a conversation today.

4) Focus on the Future   

These days, all the “rules” of home ownership have gone by the wayside. Outdated ideas and concepts are being set aside in favor of houses tailored to the exact specifications of their owners. That means no more putting up with homes that aren’t energy-efficient or come with unreasonable and even unsafe elements.

In addition, it’s best to consider how your life will change as the years pass. Perhaps teenaged children will be moving out. Maybe an adult child in need of a hand up is moving back in to save on expenses and plan their next steps. Or, you might have aging parents who require the personal, on-site care that only a loved one can provide.

With an innovative custom home tailored to your needs, you don’t have to play any guessing games. Instead, you get all the features and amenities you want, with none of the things you don’t.

5) Choose the Right Builder

In an era of instant gratification, it can be easy to think the first listing from a web search (or first entry in the phone book) is always the best. That’s not always the case. Instead, it’s important to base your decision on the track record and reputation of your builder. Let results and positive feedback be your guide.

For nearly 30 years, we’ve been proud to exceed the expectations of countless homeowners across Central Florida. Using only the very best materials, and consistently delivering a stellar customer experience, we build in some of the most desirable neighborhoods around. That includes Halifax Plantation, Westland Village, and more. Contact us today to see how simple and affordable it is to own a custom home.


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