5 Tips for Hosting a Holiday Party

Tue, Nov 06, 2018 at 4:35PM

5 Tips for Hosting a Holiday Party

Of all the traditions people look forward to each year, few are so special as the holiday party. Here’s where you can showcase the aesthetic beauty of your home, get creative with novel decorations, and most importantly make precious memories with family and friends.

Still, there are ways to take your event planning to the next level. Read on to discover the most popular methods to consistently put on great holiday parties, year after year.

1) Don’t Break the Bank

There’s no sense in racking up debt for what’s supposed to an enjoyable activity. Instead, there are many party stores and specialty shops where you can find everything you need to make your event a success, while still keeping in mind your holiday budget.

For example, downtown Ormond Beach is full of unique and trendy stores with friendly staff dedicated to helping you plan a gathering to remember. That’s just one more way Ormond Beach stands out as a tight-knit community of neighbors helping neighbors. 

2) Keep Stress Levels Low

As you stare at a list of last-minute to-dos, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. The trick is to keep in mind why you’re hosting a party in the first place. Fun and fellowship remain the focus of these get-togethers. So, making time for yourself is essential. You’ll also want to be a dynamic and gracious host.

Ease your burden by delegating some planning tasks (such as decorations) to loved ones. Help get kids in the holiday spirit by involving them in the festivities. Children naturally love lending a hand with baking, stringing lights, and everything that goes along with putting on a stellar event.

3) Focus on Décor

The old adage “less is more” still rings true. For instance, if you have a Christmas tree or traditional table setting, it will likely be the focal point of your decorations. This also helps highlight the aesthetic elegance and innovative features of your custom home.

Set the mood through the creative use of lighting, colors, and more. Subtle and eye-catching accents can make a big impact. For example, decorative wreaths, a vase full of seasonal branches, and/or a glass bowl full of sparkly ornaments lends instant pizzazz to your party. 

4) Stock Up on Food and Drinks  

It’s the pressing question for any event host: how much food should you buy? While the answer will depend on several factors (including number of guests, budget, and more), you might also consider other end-of-year gatherings. Many appetizers and finger foods freeze well, and can be thawed and re-heated for upcoming gatherings, or even casual holiday snacking for friends and family.

You could also send food home with party guests. Place leftovers on a decorative plate and tie a festive bag with ribbon for a useful and much-appreciated take-home gift. Bottled beverages (such as wine and soda) can easily be stored. When you opt for extra space in your custom home, keeping things tidy and out of sight is simple. 

5) Be the Life of the Party

As mentioned, one of the reasons your guests are attending is to enjoy your company and pleasant conversation. Plus, when you take the necessary steps for a smoothly-planned party, you have more time to showcase the style and elegance of your home. Friends and loved ones will marvel at the artful personality you’ve been able to create.

Achieving that goal is simple and straight-forward when you build a quality custom home. Tailored to your exact desires and requirements, you’ll get everything you most want in a home, without undesirable aspects present in some existing structures. From floorplan, to storage, color scheme, landscaping, and more, you’re in full control throughout the planning, design, and construction process.

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