4 Steps to a Safer Home

Fri, Sep 27, 2019 at 4:07PM

4 Steps to a Safer Home

As a responsible homeowner, you want and deserve a safe and comfortable home. You need a haven where your friends and loved ones can feel secure and protected at all times.

Unfortunately, burglars and vandals are always present. Law enforcement officials say many of these crooks will stop at nothing to achieve their malicious intent. But that doesn’t mean you have no options.

Instead, when you build a high-quality custom home, you get valuable peace of mind. Not only will your home be safe and in a pleasant and productive neighborhood, but you’ll also be in charge each step of the way. That means every detail (from floor plan to cabinet knobs) can be tailored to your exact desires and preferences. Read on to discover ways that you can make your residence safe and secure all year long.

1) Practice Safety Essentials

While there’s no need to live in fear that the security of your home might be compromised, law enforcement experts say there are a few things you can do to protect your property. That includes installing heavy locks, and always making sure to lock your doors when you’re not at home.

Police also say it’s best to keep electronics and valuables out of sight. Crooks will often make a determination to strike if they can see through the windows items they’d like to snatch. You might also choose to install a security system.

In addition, it’s a good idea to have a home that looks “lived in.” If you’ll be away for an extended period of time, make sure to hold your mail and not have newspapers or packages delivered.

2) Use Strategic Landscaping

Landscaping goes beyond mere aesthetics. REALTORs® contend a well-manicured home makes a big difference to potential buyers. Even if you don’t plan to sell anytime soon, the sheer pride of ownership you display will impress neighbors and visitors.

Law enforcement experts say landscaping can also help prevent crime. For instance, you could plant roses in front of windows. You’ll benefit from the pleasant sight and smell, while criminals will be deterred by the thorns. You could also select an open landscaping motif, which will make it harder for crooks to hide out, waiting for you to leave or turn in for the night.

3) Know Your Neighbors

While the exact figures change from one study to the next, researchers have found that most  Americans don’t know who their neighbors are. Housing experts say that’s a troubling reality not only for the social aspect, but also because it could compromise your safety and security.

By contrast, when you live in a dynamic neighborhood full of like-minded people who share your same interests, you’ll benefit from a built-in circle of friends. These neighbors will also be more apt to keep an eye on your home, and alert you when something seems out of place.

4) Choose a Safe and Comfortable Community  

To that end, it’s wise to live in an inclusive neighborhood where you’ll feel safe and connected. The trouble is, not all communities are created equal. It’s nice to know, then, that you can find an outstanding locale and get all the things you’ve ever wanted in a residence at the same time.

For nearly three decades, we’ve exceeded the expectations of homeowners just like you with the functional and aesthetic custom homes we’re able to create. We build in some of the most prestigious communities in Central Florida, including Halifax Plantation, Il Villaggio, and throughout the City of Palm Coast.

Browse our website to witness the elegance and beauty of which we’re capable. Then, contact us today to discover how simple, straight-forward, and affordable custom home ownership can be.

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