Experience Art in and Around Ormond Beach

Sat, Aug 17, 2019 at 12:35PM

Experience Art in and Around Ormond Beach

Central Florida has long been known as a family-friendly destination. But there’s much more to this area than theme parks and resorts. For instance, did you know that this region is also known as an arts hub? In fact, people from all over flock to the Ormond Beach area each year to take part in festivals and art appreciation programs.

That’s just one more reason why living in Ormond Beach is so enjoyable, and why people from across the country and the globe choose to live here for all or part of the year. Now, you can discover how easy and fun it is to take part in arts activities. Read on to learn more about how you and your loved ones can get involved.

Local Attractions

Known as the Ormond Beach Arts District, the heart of downtown Ormond Beach is tailor-made for appreciating fine and interpretive art. For example, the first Saturday of every month is the Ormond Art Walk, where you can witness some of the latest creations from local artists.

In addition, Arts on Granada features permanent and changing art exhibits, and also houses a gift shop where you can purchase art on everything from greeting cards, to key chains, and more. There are also several other artistic outlets around town, including the Ocean Art Gallery, Frame of Mind, Harper Fine Arts Gallery, and similar attractions and amenities.

Regular Programs

Families will appreciate the free art classes held frequently at the Ormond Beach Library. Here, you’ll learn the basics of creating art, and can even discover how to fashion artistic gifts for your children and loved ones.

A long-time community staple is the Ormond Memorial Art Museum and Gardens. Both permanent and touring exhibits are available for your perusal. In addition, the on-site peaceful garden is the perfect spot to take a break and find your center. There’s also a monument to honor veterans from World War I and World War II.

Art Festivals

Annual events are one of the many reasons why Ormond Beach stands out from other cities in this area. In fact, Ormond Beach has been dubbed the “Festival Capital of Florida,” and with good reason. There’s always something happening throughout the year in Ormond Beach. Plus, many of these programs have an art focus.

For instance, the Granada Grand Festival of the Arts is a free, open-air event that attracts thousands of visitors each year. Ormond Beach Art in the Park is an arts and crafts event that also showcases contributions from children. Later in the year, the nearby Halifax Art Festival celebrates art and handicraft from more than 250 juried vendors.

Arts Appreciation Throughout the Year

These are just a few of the many activities happening in and around Ormond Beach each month. In fact, this focus on community building and family-friendly entertainment is part of what keeps people from across the country and the globe coming back to the area. Many people choose to live in Ormond Beach for all or part of the year. Now’s your chance to join their ranks.

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