5 Ideas to De-Clutter Your Home

Fri, Oct 18, 2019 at 12:02PM

5 Ideas to De-Clutter Your Home

Your home should be the place where you feel most comfortable. However, if the environment is full of clutter, organizing experts say that could add up to stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed. It doesn’t have to be that way. Instead, there are methods where you can keep the things you most want and need, while still getting rid of unused and unwanted items.

The process includes making a plan, separating items into different piles, finding creative storage ideas, and similar. Use these other suggestions to keep your home safe, comfortable, and clutter-free throughout the year.

1) Be Realistic

Often, when people have the mindset of de-cluttering, they’ll end up tossing some necessary items. That means you’ll just have to buy them back, which not only defeats the purpose, but also costs you money.

At the same time, it’s wise to keep both time and energy levels in mind. If you think you’ll become overwhelmed at organizing your entire house, try to split the task up over several weeks. You could also hire a professional organizer to handle some or all of the de-cluttering process.

The main idea is that this shouldn’t be an added stressor for you, or turn into a major issue. Instead, keep your focus on the end result, and how happy and accomplished you’ll feel when it’s all over.

2) Think Current

Do you have clothes you haven’t worn in years just sitting in the closet? Or maybe you’ve collected art and décor that you’ve been meaning to showcase in your home. Organizing experts say it’s important to think about what’s “in style,” and then choose only those items that meet criteria for trendiness and function. Along with clothes, that ideal also covers shoes, linens, and other items.

Now’s also a great time to toss things that are expired, such as old makeup, spices, outdated electronics, toys that your kids have outgrown, and even smaller items such as clothes hangers and similar.

3) Go Room by Room

While you think of ways to keep your home clutter situation under control, it’s often helpful to take a room-by-room approach. This way, you can “check off” portions of your house as you address the clutter situation in each area.

For example, as you inventory items in each room, make separate piles for things you’ll donate, sell, repurpose, fix, and throw away. Once you get the ball rolling in this fashion, you might find it easier to move on to other parts of your house.

4) Donate and Sell  

Donating items to those in need feels good. You know that someone can put great use to items that might have been just sitting around your home. In addition, you could get a tax write-off for making such donations. On the other hand, everyone can use a little rainy day money. Stage a yard sale (or list items on public forums). This way, you de-clutter and make some cash at the same time.

Many people today are also adopting a “minimalist” attitude. That means paying attention to items that might be used only once or twice. Perhaps you could rent these materials. In addition, equipment required for some hobbies can also be borrowed or rented. It’s also a good idea to eliminate duplicates in your home.

5) Start Fresh

These are just some of the many ideas to keep your home clutter-free. There are times, however, when it’s not the amount of things you have that’s become an issue, but other realities that might be out of your control.

For instance, maybe you require more storage. Or perhaps you’ve always wanted a more spacious kitchen, or a bathroom that’s more inviting. When you invest in a high-quality custom home, you call the shots every step of the way.

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