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Elliott and Sue, Star Drywall, Inc.

Congratulations on Vanacore Homes recent recognition for quality homebuilding. We are very pleased with our new Vanacore Home.

As a trade partner with Vanacore Homes for approximately 18 years, it was an easy decision for us to build our new home with your company. Our decision was based on many key factors including location, quality production and knowledgeable field supervision.

We look forward to spending quality time in our new Vanacore Home.

Susan H, Owner in Halifax Plantation

Having been in the real estate industry for 26 years it was very important to see that the quality of their construction and amenities were top notch to make a beautiful home. Every one of their sub contractors were always respectful and thorough and worked efficiently.

I would highly recommend Vanacore Homes to anyone who requires a hands on approach to building and especially to anyone who appreciates quality.

Larry M, Lives in Westland Village/Hunters Ridge


Vanacore offers more standard features than any other. Some manufacturers may be cheaper in the front end but they charge you for every little add on. An example is ** Homes. They charge extra for window sills. I spent five months talking and reviewing all brick home options and Vanacore is the best value and quality. Truly a great company to deal with.

Joseph Doherty, Creekside Preserve

I think Carolyn was exceptional in explaining the various facets of construction and options available.  She always had her door open and was always willing to help direct us in our journey.  Beth was great help with colors and decorating questions.  Rick is outstanding in what he does and really helped get the project done in a timely manner which bailed us out of a sticky situation when selling our precious house!!

Harrison M , Professional Engineer and Vanacore Homebuyer

After more than 50 years of experience in industrial, commercial and residential construction I can tell the good from the ordinary with little problem. James and Ray not only did good work, but they worked efficiently and did not goof off. Importantly for your company, they were polite and courteous. They knew what they were doing to produce a good job and comply with the peculiar demands of Palm Coast inspectors.

John and Annie G

Everyone at Vanacore (is) so nice. They feel like family, willing to help with any little problem and to fix them quickly. I feel like my house is very well built and has very good insulation. My house is comfortable all of the time with low electric bills! It truly is my dream home!

Charles L, Il Villaggio

I will begin by saying that I have experience in building homes from footers to roofs.  Vanacore Homes is by far the best that I have ever dealt with.  The staff is excellent. Rick Daniels is one of the best Superintendents by far.  I found him to be very knowledgeable.  Sandi Storm and Carolyn Norland were a pleasure to work with and very helpful. (The Best) Thank you for building our new home, We Love It.

All measurements are approximate.  Pricing and specifications are subject to change without notice.