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Things Happen. So How Do You Boost Customer Satisfaction?



Simple. Include a Third Party Inspection in the building process.

Wouldn’t you agree that an objective validation of a home holds the Builder accountable for quality construction?

We do.  That’s why Vanacore Homes, striving to exceed Residential Construction Performance Guidelines in order to maintain their reputation as a quality home builder, has hired SkyeTec, an award winning, energy rating and indoor environmental consulting companying which provides third party inspections for residential construction projects.

Quite frankly, potential deficiencies of a home may be overlooked during construction.  By providing expert building and energy evaluations, SkyeTec’s Quality Control Inspectors find any construction deficiency in the home before it can turn into warranty repairs and/or homeowner complaints.

It’s all about giving informed Buyers peace of mind, and a home that outshines the rest.

So why is Vanacore Homes the only home builder in Volusia County that includes an objective, third party validation of their new construction?

Because we believe that a happy home buyer is one of the greatest marketing assets that a builder can have, so investing in a comprehensive quality control program like SkyeTec, just makes good sense.

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