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5 Gardening-Inspired Mother's Day Gifts



Tired of giving Mom a gift card or a Spa day that she'll never use? If your mother enjoys gardening, we've got some gift suggestions that will have her smiling on Mother's Day...

The Bucket Jockey

The Bucket Jockey is an effective but inexpensive way for Mom to organize and easily transport your tools with a bucket for holding your prunings. $7, HomeDepot.com.


Goat Skin Gardening Gloves

Gardening Moms can always use an extra set of gloves and goatskin is a superior choice for digging in the dirt. They're tough but pliable, even when wet, and their lanolin keeps hands soft. These elegant work gloves are longer than most for a little extra protection.

$36, womanswork.com)


"Flowers" By Carolyne Roehm

Mom will look at bouquets in a whole new way after gazing at the massive pages of detailed images in the incredible hard cover book "Flowers" by Carolyne Roehm.  Amazon $49.35


The Garden Wind Catcher

Garden decor can enhance all of the hard work and be a beautiful accent to any garden. This large steel wind catcher is the perfect reward for all her hard work.

$100, Costco.com



The Pottery Birdhouse

Ceramicist Erik Hertz takes a fresh approach to his handcrafted birdhouses. Instead of the traditional boxy shape, he creates a rounded refuge that is both a work of art and a natural addition to the wooded landscape.

$28, Uncommongoods.com


All measurements are approximate.  Pricing and specifications are subject to change without notice.