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Vanacore Homes Names its Top Sales Person, Employee and Associate for 2016



Employee Of the Year Richard Daniels (Center) pictured here with Scott and Todd Vanacore

Scott and Todd Vanacore, owners of Vanacore Homes, are pleased to recognize the company’s 2016 award winners.


Lesley Commette was named Sales Person of the Year; Richard Daniels was named Employee of the Year; and Jack Smith, Owner of Coastal Electrical Contracting, Inc. was named Associate of the Year.


“These three award winners have demonstrated exemplary hard work, integrity and effort contributing to a tremendously successful year for Vanacore Homes,” said Scott Vanacore. “We are very proud of Lesley, Richard and Jack – it is a pleasure working with them.”


The winners were also recognized in the Daytona Beach News-Journal on December 30th in the Business section on page A8.

Sales Person Of the Year Lesley Commette (Center) pictured here with Scott and Todd Vanacore

Employee Of the Year Jack Smith of Coastal Electric  (Center) pictured here with Scott and Todd Vanacore

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